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MidWest Exercise Dog Pen

Amazon.com Price: $14.62 (as of 08/04/2023 05:38 PST- Details)

MidWest Homes for Pets Exercise Pen Accessories.



Need more space for your furry friend? The Midwest Ex Pen Add On Extension Kit lets you add an extra 4 square feet to your existing ex-pen.

The universal design fits most standard playpens and exercise pens on the market today.

Easy no tool installation and it comes with 2 ground stakes.

When ordering the kit, measure the height of your current playpen and buy the matching add-on.

Save dollars; Want additional space but don’t want to purchase another playpen.


Each kit provides an additional four square feet of living area to your existing dog pen and fits most brands.

UNIVERSAL pet playpen 2-panel extension kit; Each panel measures 24W x 24H inches for total of 48W x 24H inches or 4 sq ft of NEW living area to your dog pen.

Fits ALL “24-Inch” standard wire pet playpens and dog pens; Panels easily attach to existing playpen w/ included hardware (4 thumb-snaps and 2 ground stakes).

Perfect kit for adding play space to your existing dog pen or increasing “fencing” to close off a room or outdoor area.

Please note you are purchasing a two-panel extension kit only, this is not an entire dog exercise pen.

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