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Questions about sarplaninac dogs and answers

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Q: Does the kennel engaged in nurturing some other breed except Sarplaninac?
A: No, we only keep sarplaninac dogs.

Q: Can customers have a free advice if notice a problem with dog/puppy?
A: Yes, absolutely, but this does not apply to dogs who are not from our kennel.

Q: Is it true that Sharplaninac aggressive towards children?
A: The answer is NO, but today is increasingly interbreed races.
The most common combinations (sarplaninac-bernadinac-Caucasian Sheepdog).
The true Sarplaninac will not attack man / unknown person unless he resists.
He will go around him until his owner comes.

Q: What is the price of puppies?
A: It depends on several factors:
- Age
- Pol
- Combination
- Domestic / international market-(additional documentation is required)

Q: How should I take a puppy from your kennel?
A: There is the possibility of delivery a puppy or adult dog.
Preferred are those who make reservations on time.

Sarplaninac kennel by Nebojša FCI (16/03)
Kinology Federation of Serbia reg.number - 4302
Breeder: Nebojša Stefanović
 Trešnjevica 35248, Paraćin - Serbia
 +381 64 21 46 847

On the following photos you can see the dogs that are born in our kennel, or who have found new owners. We also invite our customers to send us photos of pets if they want to publish them online. For the period of 1990-2010 kennel has sold over 500 dogs.

How to find our kennel?

| Tresnjevica 35248, Paracin - Serbia, Stefanovic Nebojsa | | +381 64 21 46 847 |
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