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Sarplaninac Breeder

Stefanovic Nebojsa

I am devoting all my most precious time and pleasure to this job.

Feeding, giving drink, and training this breed of dogs can be attributed only to people of spartan lifestyle and strict discipline.

A sarplaninac dog is fond of a selfcontent, serious and disciplined master.

This breed is brave, tough and generous enough not to leave any room for doubt.

As a strict and confident breeder I have been striving to give this breed a spirit of toughness, selfconfidence and generosity.

During all these years I have been working on defining the character of sarplaninac dog breed. I have been a dog breeder since 1990.

The majority of sarplaninac dogs, only at the age of 2, at an early stage of his household.

During this life period you can completely count on an sarplaninac.

Owing to remarkably developed senses of hearing and smell, and to its great mobility and activity, a sarplaninac is very suitable for guarding large areas.

Rarely can you find the breeds of dogs which are capable of carrying out such a function.

That is because a sarplaninac is very steady and reliable, does not get upset without a good reason and is not afraid of loneliness in such areas.

With regard to such areas it has a special gift to choose a place for resting and watching from wich it can control main dangers-main directions and accesses to the guarded area.

Such an ability of its can be easily and quickly noticed. At night you just leave a sarplaninac in your courtyard which has to be enclosed.

After two or three nights, it will by itself define a safe orientation, therefore nobody has to explain that to it or to train it.

Regardless of the weather being cold, windy or snowstormy, it will not look for a hideout beneath the stairs, in a shed, or scratching the door of the house running away from coldness.

It is going to spend the night on the spot which is the best for watching, regardless of frost and storm.

The most frequently will it find such a spot on one of the main access paths or at the corner of the house from which it can control two different directions and take care of anyone or anything not be harmed by the nighttime.

Section of book ''Sarplaninac'' Obrad Skipic and Vesna Bojovic Skipic.

In order to be convinced of the toughness and beauty of their character, you can have a look at the following photos:

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