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Dog Smart Bells for Potty Training

Amazon.com Price: $9.99 (as of 08/04/2023 05:33 PST- Details)

JIMEJV Wireless Doorbell, Dog Smart Bells for Potty Training – IP55, Waterproof, Touch Button with 55 Melodies and 5 Volume Levels.



🔔 Premium Quality: Durable nylon material and 6pcs 1.4″” extra loud stainless steel bells.

The training bell is made of stainless steel ABS plastic and has cutely paw print.

Painted finish and prevent rust.

The ringing is loud and clear, making your life more colorful.

🔔 Adjustable Length: Our dog doorbell comes with snaps, easily adjusting the length between 30″” and 33″”.

Works on different kind of doorknob, handle or hook that you want to affix it to.

Easily mounted, can be hung at any level to accommodate pups of all heights.


🔔 Great for Dogs and Cats: This palm size pet training with diameter 2.83 inch/7.2 cm.

Teach your pet baby, dog, kitten or others to hit the middle button with their paw or nose to ring, which is easily done by even by small pet.

🔔 Ideal Training Gadget: Ideal training gadget to treats game, potty training, housetraining and housebreaking for your pets, and it also can be desk call bells when you are in stores, hotel, pub, restaurants, etc.

🔔 A Good Present for Pet: Teaching pet to ring a bell to go out out or go to the toilet, instead of bark or scratching on the door to get your attention.

It can improve the feelings and communication with you lovely pet.

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