Indulge Your Pet with an Expensive Dog House

Many dog houses on the market today are cute and all, but they can never compete with the most expensive ones.

The super-rich is willing to spend a fortune on a lavish home for their beloved pooch.

Some of these properties look more like mansions than dog houses, but that’s OK because the pets obviously won’t care.

They can afford to spend a little bit of money on their furry friends.

After all, they have so much of it …

Do dogs prefer dog houses?

It is often stated that it is cruel to keep the dog outside. But, an outdoor dog has many advantages.

Dogs like to be outdoors and enjoy fresh air and sunshine and being able to listen and watch for predators.

They also go back a long way in prehistory and were never really domesticated to live indoors permanently.

If you are going to switch your buddy from an outdoor sleeping arrangement to indoor sleeping space, you either need to provide the new indoor sleeping arrangement first, or be prepared to take the pet back outside again.

The size of the dog house is important because pets like to have a place where they can sit up and both lie-down and stand up comfortably.

A big dog house is not necessarily better than a small one – sufficient room for the beloved pooch is more important than paying for extra space that will not be used.

But why do dogs like dog houses so much?

The dog house still serves the same purpose as it did thousands of years ago—keeping our furry friends safe and warm.

The dog in better physical condition will live longer, have fewer illness problems and be happier …

Is plastic or wood better for a dog house?

Plastic takes less time to assemble, but wooden houses are more durable and don’t dent as easily as plastic ones.

The latter, however, is more expensive than the former.

You can also paint a wooden dog house if you want it to look nice!

In addition, you can use wood glue to attach pieces of wood when building your dog’s house.

This way, you’ll be sure it will last for years to come!

Should the dog house be off the ground?

The short answer is, it depends on where you live (and dog breed).

But the dog house should be:

Off the ground for cold climates. In the northern states of the US, Canada, and other cold places, temperatures can drop below zero in the winter.

If the dog house is on the ground, the cold earth could easily seep into it and freeze your dog’s feet.

A layer of straw or wood shavings between the ground and the dog house can help protect it.

Dry. If the dog house is not built on a solid foundation and with good ventilation, water could end up inside the dog’s house.

Snow and ice melt off of trees and roofs into rain gutters and downspouts, and if they’re not directed to a ground drain, they can end up in a dog’s house or around it.

Is it cruel to leave dogs outside?

Nowadays it is very popular to leave dogs outside or garden because “the weather is nice” and warm.

People say that pets love to be left outside for a few hours a day, but is it true?

A dog’s lifespan is usually around 12 to 15 years, but some dogs can live for 20 years or more.

Most pets enjoy being outside in the summer as long as you make sure they’re kept safe.

Our furry friends like to play in the sunshine, but they also need shade and water, just like humans.

If you have the pet and you want it to live for a long time, make sure you’re doing everything possible to keep it happy, healthy, and safe.

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dog house ideas


Dog houses are a luxury item, to be sure. But what makes them expensive are the features that make them completely over the top.

Some are built to keep dogs warm, others to keep them cool, and some are built for a variety of climates.

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