Bringing a Sarplaninac Puppy Home – What’s Next?

Have you ever thought about bringing a puppy home? If so, then you should know that puppies require lots of attention and care. They’re very playful and they also want to explore their surroundings.

However, having the puppy doesn’t come without its responsibilities. When you bring a sarplaninac puppy home, you shouldn’t expect it to adapt to your lifestyle and environment at once.

The sooner you start training, the easier it will be for both of you. In addition, you should take note of some important points that may surprise you …

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A new buddy is coming …

The car ride can be long, but some puppies have a hard time enduring the journey (vomiting, changing terrain, etc.).

It’s too stressful!

What is your primary task? – Give it love and a warm welcome.

Play together, pet your furry friend, and pay no attention to the “damage” that may occur.

You probably got some advice from a breeder, vet, or the person who brought you the most joy that day. Keep them in mind at all times!

Home sweet home

Puppies need to be exposed to different things as much as possible. Let the sarplaninac puppy explore areas of the home he or she hasn’t seen before.

Start introducing family members one at a time, so the furry friend won’t feel overwhelmed.

You can also allow them to wander around the yard for a while before letting them inside.

Wait until it’s completely familiar with everything in your house before introducing any other animals into the mix.

Don’t allow other dogs to come over until it gets all its shots (vaccines)!

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Living area

Set out a living area where the beloved pooch can stay while it settle in. Make sure there aren’t any dangers around the room, such as sharp objects or items that could harm it.[1]

Also, ensure that the pup has somewhere comfortable to snuggle down and rest.

Puppies enjoy playing with soft toys, so provide these for them to chew on.

You may also wish to include a bed in this area! A cozy place for the pet to curl up, rest, and relax.

Don’t forget that the sarplaninac likes large spaces (house plus yard) but it can also be in a residential area.

However, two things are important: socialization and your time dedicated to it.

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Let’s start with the training

All puppies have weak bladders and need to go to the toilet frequently.

It is good to take the puppy out hourly or two initially. Always immediately upon waking, during playtime, feeding, and before bedtime.

Take it to the same location each time and praise it if it does a job well done.

If the puppy soils its bed, do not scold it! Most puppies will not dirt their beds and are usually quick to learn that outside is the correct area to go.

After a few weeks of training, the puppy should be house-trained. In the first week, pay constant attention to the pup, and provide lots of reassurance, praise, and cuddle.[2]

You can teach it basic commands, like “Heel” and “Place”. Be patient with your furry friend, give it lots of love and attention, and reward good behavior with treats.

Feeding time

To make things easier, try to get the buddy used to eat the same type of food he ate before coming home. You should also give it a gradual introduction to the new food.

For example, start by feeding it half of the new food, then continue to add a little more each day until it eats all of the new food. Once the puppy is fully adjusted to the new food, you’ll know how much to feed it.[3]

Let’s go back to the beginning – advice from a breeder, vet, or the person you trust …

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Shepherd Puppies and Mom

How often will your sarplaninac puppy be alone?

This is a question that many puppy owners ask, and it doesn’t have a simple answer.

The amount of time that you can leave the sarplaninac puppy alone will depend on several factors, including the puppy’s age, temperament, and level of training.

As a general rule of thumb, you should never leave it alone for more than four hours at a time.

If you need to leave the puppy alone for longer than that, you’ll need to make arrangements for someone to check on it or take it out for “a potty break”.

If you have a young puppy, it’s best to err on the side of caution and not leave it alone for too long.

Puppies have a lot of energy and they tend to get into things when left unsupervised.

They may also have accidents inside the house if they’re left alone for too long.

Final Word

Bringing a puppy home isn’t all fun and games. Puppies need lots of attention and care! There are many things that you need to prepare yourself for.

Training your sarplaninac puppy is an essential part of raising him/her properly. This doesn’t mean that you ask it to bring you a ball and do the training that is characteristic of the German Shepherd.

You will make a big mistake!

The magic happens the moment you form a strong bond with your new friend.

Then the Sarplaninac will be ready to give its life for you and your family, no matter how great the danger – bear, wolf, thief, fire or glass …

Will it always emerge victorious? – Not!

But it is a dog that has a big heart and is a natural born guardian!

Thank you for your attention and time.


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