Effective Techniques for Stopping Puppy Jumping

How often does your puppy jump up on you or other family members? Most puppies get into mischief at some point.

They love jumping on people, especially owners, and they don’t always mean to hurt anyone.  The problem is, puppies don’t stop until someone stops them!

There are ways to teach the buddy to behave properly, but it takes time.

As with humans, puppies’ brains aren’t fully developed until around 12 weeks old. When they start learning to walk and run, they’re also learning to control the muscles.

Instead of punishing your pup, reward it for good behavior. Once it learns to stop itself, praise it (and give it a treat).

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Why do puppies jump on people?

Puppies jump on people for a variety of reasons. They may be excited to see someone they know!

Dogs love “to play fetch”, so they might try to get your attention one way or another.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to be patient with puppies and not encourage them to jump by giving them attention when they do it.

If you ignore the puppy when it jumps on you, it will eventually learn that this behavior is not acceptable!

5 Reasons Why Puppies Will Jump On Humans:

  • Happiness – When they see someone they love, they can’t help but express joy by jumping up and licking their face.
  • Good or bad habits – Some puppies have been taught by their owners that jumping is a good way to get attention. It’s important to nip the behavior in the bud by consistently rewarding calm behavior and ignoring jumps.
  • In their nature – Some dogs were bred to jump, such as hunting dogs who need to jump over fences or into the water when chasing prey. If the furry friend is of a breed that is known for jumping, it’ll likely do it often.
  • Be scared? – Puppies can sometimes be scared of unfamiliar people or situations and may jump on you as a way of getting closer to you and feeling safer.
  • They’re showing submission – In the dog world, jumping is often seen as a submissive act. If the puppy jumps on you, it could be its way of showing that it respects your dominance.

Prevent Puppy From Jumping Over Gate

One of the most common problems puppy parents face is gate jumping. It’s normal for them to want to jump up and see what’s on the other side of the gate, but it can be dangerous if they’re not supervised.

Letting the puppy outside with you is fine while it is young, but as it gets older it should have the entire house and yard to run around in, while still staying within the boundaries of your yard.

Here are a few tips to stop your beloved pooch from jumping up on the gate …

1. Raise the height of the fence gradually

As the pup gets better at staying in its designated area, you can gradually raise the height of the fence until it is at the desired level.

You can start by raising the height of the fence by a few inches each week until you reach the desired height.

This will make it more difficult for the pup to jump over the fence and will help to prevent them from getting out of the yard.

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2. Use a Crate

A crate can be a valuable tool in preventing the puppy from jumping over a gate. It will provide a sense of security and comfort for the furry friend while also keeping it contained.

While crates can be a great way to keep the pup safe and contained, they are not always the best option for preventing jumping. Why?

Crates should only be used as a short-term solution!

3. Add obstacles

To make sure your buddy doesn’t get bored, add some obstacles for it to negotiate such as tunnels or climbing toys. This will keep its mind active and engaged.

Pups’ short attention spans are a blessing in disguise. Obstructions are useful, too, if the pup needs a jumping run-up before climbing through an opening.

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4. It’s time for a walk – leash & harness

Taking the puppy for a walk is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air. But, if you have the gate or other barrier that the buddy can jump over, it’s important to take some precautions.

One way to prevent the puppy from jumping over the gate is to train it to stay by your side.

This can be done by teaching them the ‘heel’ or ‘stay’ commands. With patience and practice, the pup will learn to stay by your side and not jump ahead.

Keep Puppies Off Your Bed and Furniture?

The best way to keep puppies off furniture is to make sure they have their own space.

Having some puppy-proofed shelves for them to play on, as well as any toys and beds that they can use, will help prevent them from destroying things around the house.

You should pick out a few items that are small enough for them to handle, but big enough that they cannot damage easily.

Padding products are useful to protect furniture and floors.

Dog pads, however, are meant to protect your floor from being scratched when the dog jumps onto it. If you notice that the pet likes jumping on the furniture, purchase some sort of padding to cover the chairs, couches, and tables.

Make sure that you position the padding at a height where the buddy won’t hurt himself if it falls off.

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Do NOT punish your puppy!

Do not smack it or hit it when it tries to sleep on your bed. It will just make it afraid of you and likely cause it to become aggressive toward you.

Instead, ignore it and focus on relaxing. When it gets to know you, it will start trusting you and learn what you expect from it.

Thank you for your time and attention.


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