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Pink Dog Frisbee

Amazon.com Price: $39.95 (as of 05/06/2023 12:43 PST- Details)

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee – Interactive Dog Toys (Flying Disc Dog Fetch Toy – Floats in Water and Safe on Teeth) Multiple Style Options Available – Colors Will Vary.



ALL-SEASON INTERACTIVE DOG TOYS: Designed for a high-flying game of fetch with your dog in the water, grass, or snow.

This dog frisbee is the perfect solution for fitness, exercise, dog training, and a great alternative to dog balls or tennis balls for dogs.

Just chuck it and watch your pup go.

DURABLE AND SAFE ON TEETH: This frisbee for dogs features a durable, multilayer nylon DESIGN construction which is safe on your dog’s teeth and designed for lasting outdoor use.

As with any dog toy, always supervise your pet while playing.

FLOATS IN THE WATER: This dog frisbee is made of a soft lightweight material which makes it buoyant allowing for long range throws, interactive play at the beach, pool, lake, or dog pool making this the perfect dog water toy.

FUN BRIGHT COLORS: Bright blue, pink, and green colors make the Flippy Flopper dog frisbee easy to spot in the bushes, leaves, and grass.

Just add this dog toy to your dog tox box or give as unique dog gifts.

COLORS MAY VARY: Includes five dog frisbees in each pack.

The Flippy Flopper comes in one size that is 9 inches in diameter.

Ideal dog toys for large dogs & dog toys for medium dogs.

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