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10.5” Fetch Pet Toy for Hyper Dogs

Mighty Paw Dog Frisbee (2 Pack) | 10.5” Fetch Pet Toy for Hyper Dogs. Lightweight Disc Easy to Chuck or Throw It, and Soft to Catch –  for Small, Large Dogs and Puppies.


Hours of High Flying Fun: We designed our 10.5” dog frisbee for intense games of fetch for all size dogs.

Since it’s lightweight, it’s really easy to throw which means that you and your pup can enjoy lots of quality bonding time outdoors!

Tip: Only pull the soft dog frisbee out for playtime!

That increases its value and minimizes the chance of being mistaken for a chew or tug toy.

Take the Ouch Out of Playtime: Unlike other frisbees that are made of hard plastic, the Mighty Paw dog frisbee is made of durable nylon webbing and features a soft ⅓” tube frame.

That makes it super gentle on your dog’s mouth and teeth and completely safe for them to catch, especially when they’re still new to the game and a little clumsy.

It Floats, It Flies, It Frisbees! You don’t have to limit your games of fetch to dry land!

Since our dog frisbee floats, you can also have retrieving fun on the beach, in lakes, ponds, pools or snowy conditions!

Thanks to its bright colors, it’s easy to see.

More Than One Dog? We Got You Covered!

Our 2 pack frisbees are the perfect solution for families with multiple dogs.

Have one for each of your pups!

Born in the USA: Headquartered in Rochester, NY – it’s right here in the USA where we design and test all of our gear.

Our mission is to build high-quality dog products that enable endless adventures for you and your four-legged family.


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