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Floating Dog Ring Toys for Throwing

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DLDER’s Flying Dog Ring: Floats, Flies, and Bonds! Indestructible EVA material. Perfect for fetch, teeth-friendly play. Bond with your pup outdoors!


Experience the joy of play with DLDER’s Floating Dog Ring Toys, specially crafted for medium/large breeds.

These indestructible flying discs are more than just toys; they’re your ticket to interactive fun!

Constructed from lightweight EVA material, these dog frisbees not only soar through the air but also float on water.

With a generous diameter of 23 cm, they are perfect for games of fetch, catering to small, medium, and large breeds like poodles, weimaraners, dachshunds, shepherds, and golden retrievers.

The quality elastic EVA material ensures durability and easy cleaning, while also providing a gentle option for cleaning your dog’s teeth and mouth.

Though not chew-proof, these discs are designed for interactive play, promoting a strong bond between you and your furry friend.

The unique handle design enhances the catching and fetching experience, making it a breeze to carry on outdoor adventures.

Lightweight and compact, these dog toys are travel-friendly, ideal for impromptu play sessions during walks, at the beach, lakes, pools, or in the backyard.

These outdoor training toys serve a dual purpose – not only fostering physical exercise but also effectively relieving dog anxiety.

The design prioritizes safety, ensuring a gentle impact on your dog’s mouth and teeth, making it suitable for pups still learning the game.

DLDER’s Floating Dog Ring Toys: where durability meets interactive play for your canine companion.