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Adjustable Dog Bell for Door

Amazon.com Price: $5.99 (as of 02/01/2024 15:29 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Loud, clear 7-bell chime signals potty time. Adjustable length, easy training, and super-strong bells for a calmer, happier home.


Ding, dong! No more barking blues!

Tired of deciphering doggy door demands? Ditch the confusion with Alinana’s adjustable dog bells! 7 loud, cheerful bells chime with every paw-tap, sending a clear “gotta go!” signal from room to room.

Training time? Easy peasy! Most pups grasp the bell-ringing concept in a day, mastering it by next week. That’s right, silence on demand (except for the happy doorbell symphony, of course).

Universal fit, tail-wagging fun! Two adjustable snaps adapt to any doorknob height, welcoming big bellies and tiny paws alike. Plus, super-strong metal bells stand up to even the most enthusiastic paw-lems.

Bark less, bond more! Ditch the scratching and frantic barking. These charming bells become your pup’s personal communication express lane, strengthening your furry friendship with every cheerful ding.

Ready to ring in harmony? Grab Alinana’s adjustable dog bells and listen to the music of a happier, calmer home.