How to Bathe Your Dog the Easy Way!

Looking to keep your pooch happy and healthy? You need to get its grooming and bathing right.

Keeping up with your furry buddy’s grooming schedule may seem overwhelming, especially if you are a new pet parent.

However, there’s no need to worry as our guide offers all the advice you need. 

Grooming And Bathing Your Dog

Dog hair can get messy. To keep your fur child’s coat luscious, you need to put in a bit of effort.

Once you get a hang of it and are able to follow a routine, your little one will be able to look its best.

So, if you’re ready to get started? Here’s what you need to do.

1. Master Preparation

One of the top tips that dog breeders provide dog adopters is to prepare all the supplies that are needed for the grooming and bathing of the pup.

By getting the following items, you will be off to a good start:

  • Dry towels;
  • Hair clippers;
  • Dog toothbrush;
  • Low-calorie treats;
  • Magic brush glove;
  • Pooch nail grinder;
  • A bathtub that fits the pup;
  • Dog shampoo and conditioner.

Although low-calorie treats are not necessary, they come in handy as your little one could use some motivation.

Brown Chihuahua - Bathing

2. Create The Right Atmosphere

Getting your doggo in the mood to get cleaned is no easy task. You have to set up the right atmosphere to encourage it.

Teach your dog to get comfortable with handling. A bit of stroking and patting goes a long way along with some rewards and praise.

It would ensure that it remains calm.

Begin with the grooming and bathing process slowly. Pat your canine buddy on the shoulders and chest area and make your way towards its legs.

Then, lift one paw at a time and keep up with the general handling while offering some delicious dog food treats.

This should make things easier.

3. Get The Washing Done First 

Next, you have to thoroughly wash your mutt. Whether you have a Golden Retriever, a Poodle, or a Labrador, it should be washed first.

If there are any tangles, you must use a brush to untie the knots. Do wet all of your dog’s hair. 

Wash the neck and chest area down to the legs and tail. For those of you who are using a tub, you must make sure that the drain does not fill up and that the water manages to run down the drain.

Only when its body is wet should you apply a hypoallergenic dog shampoo that has been tested on a patch before in order to avoid any irritation. 

You have to clean the undercoat and gently lather the shampoo onto the back and shoulders. Go easy on the shampoo and be careful of the nose, mouth, ears, and eyes. 

After you have massaged the shampoo all over the dog’s body, you can quickly start washing it off.

You have to go slow as the process can be rather ticklish for the puppy. Also, you have to prevent water from making its way into its ears as it could lead to an ear infection. 

4. Proceed With The Drying

Even though dogs have a tendency to shake off any excess water once they get wet, you must handle the drying off using a large absorbent towel.

Then, your doggo should be able to air dry naturally.

It is crucial that you stay away from a hair dryer since most dogs do not like having hot air blown at them. 

Besides, the hair dryer would heat up your dog and cause issues. If you decide to use a hair dryer, you will have to take safety precautions. 

Make sure that you supervise the drying and do not apply heat to the head area.

The air should also be comfortable and not too hot. Also, the dryer needs to be kept at a good distance.

Wet Dog Covered with Towel

5. Brush The Teeth

Your pup needs to get its teeth brushed twice every day just like you do.

In fact, your little one will start to enjoy brushing its teeth once you manage to establish a routine. 

The minimum that you will need to do is brush its teeth thrice a week.

Otherwise, it would not be possible to get rid of plaque and tartar would accumulate. 

6. Brush The Coat

Now, you can get the actual grooming done. You must have treats in hand, speak in a calm tone, and be firm.

Combing your pup’s hair is essential as it ensures that its coat remains in good condition.

The process helps remove loose hair and prevents hair knots. 

By brushing the doggo, healthy natural skin oils are distributed and provide a shiny coat.

It also gets rid of dirt.

This is why you need to brush it more often. It would help reduce the need for bathing your bundle of joy frequently.

Besides, brushing the coat will strengthen your relationship with the pup. 

7. Trim Certain Areas

To make sure that your dog looks amazing, you have to trim certain areas. It would also prevent the need for spending money on full grooming.

Dry trimming is highly recommended. You just have to trim the necessary areas. 

The hygienic areas, ears, and face must be maintained. Your pup should have short hair as it would prevent the risk of infection and odors.

Get decent hair clippers to get the job done right the first time around. 

Shepherd Dog RexPin
Awesome Shepherd Dog - Rex 4302

8. Finish Off With The Nails

Lastly, you have to trim your dog’s nails every few weeks.

Although it would not enjoy it, you must never miss out on keeping its claws in excellent condition.

You can reward it for every nail trimmed. Make sure that you go slow and easy on the nails.


Grooming and bathing a dog just got a whole lot easier with our guide. From mastering preparation to trimming the nails, each step will help you keep your furry buddy looking amazing.

However, you have to take it for professional grooming every few months.

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