5 Things You Should Know About Dog Leashes

Unless you’re convinced the buddy can accurately read your mind and do what you want it to, dog leashes are an essential piece of dog training equipment.

Whether you’re out walking with the pet or training in the park, a leash is an important accessory for dog owners.

But leashes can be used for more than just walking.

Here are five things you should know …

1. There are three primary leash lengths

Remember that old saying? “There’s good and bad in everything”?

The length of the leash, in most cases, is determined by the height of the dog.

The three primary types are:

Standard – For dogs with neck size of 13-15 inches, this leash is 6 feet long.

It’s appropriate for smaller pets up to 25 pounds who are well-trained and obedient.

Retractable – They have a thin cord and a handle that allows you to remain in control of the dog’s movements, giving you the ability to keep the furry friend close when needed.

Retractable leashes are made up of a spring-loaded cord.

The leash pulls out when you want it to, but quickly retracts when you want to get control of the dog.

Great choice if you are walking several dogs and need to keep them separated.

Extended – Also known as “super long leashes” are designed to give the buddy more freedom and to lessen the stress you feel when walking the pet.

Whether you have a difficult dog or the dog that’s a little too rambunctious for your taste, this could be the accessory you need.

Extended leashes are 35-60 feet long and are appropriate for running beside your furry friend or keeping it away from restricted areas (dogs weighing more than 25 pounds).

cool dog leashesPin
cool dog leashes

2. Leashes can be used to train dogs

Dogs that are trained to walk with the leash have a much better understanding of the boundaries within your home, the yard, and even boundaries in the neighborhood.

This makes it easy for the owner to direct where the pet goes and what it is doing.

Going for walks is a great way to get the dog some exercise and get some fresh air.

It is also very helpful to socialize the buddy by getting it used to interacting with other people and dogs.

3. Use a safety collar or harness with a leash

The best way to prevent the dog from running off is to make sure it can’t!

Adding a collar or harness to the dog’s leash means you’ll be able to keep a better handle on your buddy.

Harnesses are often lightweight, which the pet will most likely appreciate. Most of them wrap around the dog’s midsection and chest.

Make sure the harness is snug enough that it doesn’t slip over the dog’s shoulders, but not so tight it’s uncomfortable. The buckle should be a quick-release type!

For dogs that have a habit of pulling on the leash, you can use a harness that has built-in resistance.

dog collar and leash setPin
dog collar and leash set

4. Bungee section?

The leash with a bungee section at the end allows you to extend the leash when needed.

It will stop the pet in its tracks when you pull it back – also good for dogs that have a habit of jumping fences.

Releasing the pressure on the dog by letting the bungee section out is also a very gentle way of getting the pet to behave.

5. Leashes are made from several materials

Many leashes are made from nylon or cotton webbing. The material is then coated in plastic or rubber to ensure it doesn’t fray.

Other leash materials include leather, hemp, and even silk.

Leather is nice in that it’s strong, but is a bit bulky.

Cotton webbing is a popular choice for dog owners because it’s soft and comfortable for the pet. Easy to clean and contains very few chemicals!

The bad side of the story – cotton is not as sturdy as other materials.

Now that you know the basics, you should be ready to purchase the best leash for the buddy.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when purchasing dog leashes.

In this article, I tried to provide you with everything you need to make an informed decision.

Thank you for your attention!

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