Best Dog Crates On The Market Right Now

We know that finding the best dog crates on the market is difficult.

That’s why we’ve decided to help you out with our fully researched and unbiased dog crate reviews.

They are either made from metal wire, plastic, or wood.

The type of dog crate construction has more to do with the preference of the pet owner and its budget than it does with the actual style of dog crate being purchased.

Although wood dog crates are very attractive and classic in design, they are also quite expensive.

All three types will provide a safe comfortable place for your beloved pooch to rest while traveling or at home while you’re away.

How big should a crate be for the dog?

The general rule is that the dog should have enough room in the crate for it to stand up, sit down and turn around comfortably.

A puppy doesn’t need as much room as an adult dog because puppies are smaller and are still growing. You can find more information here.

Is it OK to put a blanket in my puppy’s crate?

Please don’t put blankets into the puppy’s crate. The reason is that a puppy can tear up the blanket to pieces!

Blanket remnants can cause a dog’s swallow and chok when they are inappropriately used in the crate.

Crates are usually “too small” for a puppy’s bed – the bed was made to be placed on the floor, not in a crate!

Blankets should be folded in a proper size, and placed on the floor so that the puppy will sleep warm and comfortable.

A wrapped or covered crate is not good for the puppy! The pet needs to know that she/he can see what is happening around it.

In other words, an enclosure must be opened for the air flow …

How long is too long for the dog to be in the crate?

We would say the pet shouldn’t be in a crate longer than 8 hours, PER DAY.

Most dogs shouldn’t be in a crate for more than 3-4 hours at a time, and that’s for a puppy still learning to hold its bladder and bowels.

After eating, and before bedtime is good times to let your buddy out; especially if you’re training them to have “accidents” outside.

Where should you put the dog crate in the house?

There are many places to put a crate, but not all are ideal. Let’s take a look at some of the more common options.

The family room is one of the more common places where people will put their dog crates.

The crate needs to be in a quiet place where the beloved pooch isn’t likely to get into trouble, though there are times when this isn’t possible.

If you have kids, it may be best to put the crate in the basement if you have one.

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dog crate covers


When it comes to choosing the best dog crates, you want to make sure that you carefully consider which choice is right for your situation.

The size of the crate, the material it is made of, and its features are all important factors to consider.

No two dogs are alike, and no two breeds will have the same needs or preferences …

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