Automatic Dog Feeders with Timers that You’ll Love!

Automatic dog feeders allow you to program feeding times without having to worry about being around to monitor the bowl or checking on the furry friend every time it finishes its meal.

This way, you can relax and enjoy your day knowing that the buddy is getting nutritious meals at specific times.

Why should you buy one?

An automatic dog feeder should include several basic and advanced features that allow you to control how often the dog eats, and when.

Whether you are interested in programs designed for multiple dogs or dedicated programs for each animal, you can customize features such as daily schedules, meal dispensing, timers, and much more.

If you’re looking to automate your dog’s life, then consider these features below.

Is there an automatic dog feeder for wet food?

We would recommend the “iPettie Donuts 6-Meal Automatic Wet and Dry Food Pet Feeder with Programmable Timer” which has the following features:

  • 6 Isolated Portions for Wet and Dry Food;
  • Two Ways Power Supply (Batteries & USB);
  • Smart Digital Touch Panel With Memory Function.
iPettie Donuts 6-Meal Automatic Wet and Dry Food Pet FeederPin
Automatic Wet Food Dog Feeder

Are gravity feeders good for dogs?

A gravity feeder works great for keeping meals coming because it constantly fills the bowl as soon as it empties. When the dish is empty, it simply discharges the dog food from the top container into the bowl.

We would define the technology as follows – pure gravity without the presence of electric buttons.

And this is a fantastic product for well-trained dogs who know how to “pull the handle” when it comes to food.

But what if the beloved pooch needs to lose weight or you have a young puppy?

Then we certainly don’t recommend this product, but the solution can be – a mechanized feeder that delivers food at the set time.

Should you leave dog food out all day?

You should never leave (fresh) dog food out all day because otherwise, the pet could get obese.

And if you do allow them to eat all day long, then you’d better supervise what they’re eating, or else they’ll end up fat or ill.

So it’s best not to let the pets get too full, especially if you have multiple dogs.

5 reasons to buy the dog feeder with timer!

  • You’ll never have to worry about the buddy going hungry again – whether you’re working late or away for the weekend, the automatic dog feeder will make sure the buddy always has food.
  • It’s convenient – no more having to stop what you’re doing to feed the dog, an automatic feeder will do it for you.
  • They’re great for portion control and preventing overeating – if you’re concerned about the dog overeating, this product can help you portion out its meals so it stays healthy and fit.
  • It’s affordable – with prices starting as low as $20, there’s no excuse not to get one!
  • Peace of mind – knowing that the dog is being fed even when you’re not home can give you peace of mind and help relieve some of the stress of pet ownership.


There’s no reason to worry anymore about the furry friend going hungry.

We know that some people may be worried about carrying the bowl in their hands and checking on the pets every time they finish their meal, which is why we’ve made this blog post to help you understand the benefits of the automatic dog feeder.

These devices might seem complicated, but once you learn how to operate them, they are pretty easy to use and require little maintenance.

Thank you for your attention and time!

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