Dogs Detect and Remember Bad People: Trust Them!

Have you ever noticed how our furry friends have an almost uncanny ability to sense things that we humans often overlook?

It turns out that this includes recognizing when someone is not quite right. Yes, you heard that right – dogs can pick up on the subtle signs of a bad person!

Growing up as the son of a Sarplaninac breeder, I’ve always been fascinated by the intuitive nature of these creatures, and in this blog post, I want to delve deeper into how dogs are able to make these assessments and what it can teach us about the power of instinct.

Science Proves Dogs Can Detect Bad People

According to recent scientific studies, man’s best friend is much more than just a loyal companion.

Researcher Akiko Takoaka from the Department of Psychology at the University of Tokyo has discovered that canines possess an extraordinary ability to detect bad people.

Through years of research, Takoaka found that dogs have a remarkable ability to remember when they have been deceived and by whom. [1]

Once betrayed, dogs are quick to lose trust in those individuals!

This evidence supports the idea that dogs are not just cute and cuddly, but also possess a high level of emotional intelligence and social awareness.

Paws-itive Experiment: Dogs’ Perception of Bad People

In a fascinating experiment related to dogs’ ability to recognize bad people, a volunteer showed a bowl of food to several test dogs, while another person served an empty bowl.

The dogs could not see the contents of the bowl until they approached it, and this process was repeated several times.

The results were astounding – the furry friends remembered who had cheated them and demonstrated anger or indifference towards the individual, while exhibiting affection towards those who had not deceived them.

Another research conducted by Kyoto University’s Department of Psychology showcased that the four-legged companions could also perceive when someone was unpleasant to their human family and react accordingly.

The pups, accompanied by their owners and unfamiliar volunteers, were exposed to both kind and unpleasant behavior towards their owners, followed by an offer of food.

Those who behaved kindly were met with acceptance and kindness from the pooches, while those who were unpleasant elicited an attitude of rejection or hostility.

These experiments demonstrate the sophisticated and perceptive nature of our canine companions! [2]


The studies mentioned above provide evidence that dogs can indeed recognize and remember when they have been deceived or when someone is unpleasant towards their human family.

These experiments highlight the intelligence and sensitivity of our furry friends and showcase their remarkable ability to perceive and react to their surroundings.

As pet owners, it is important to remember that our dogs are not only loyal companions but also perceptive beings that require kindness and respect.

I hope that you found this topic as interesting as I did and that it sheds some light on the complex nature of our canine companions.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for your attention!

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