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Sport Ball Launcher for Dogs

Subuigar Dog Toy, Sport Ball Launcher, Tennis Ball Thrower for Dogs with Molar Granular and Telescopic Rope.

Labor-saving elastic stretch rope: The projectile ball has a built-in retractable elastic draw rope, which is put on the finger through a loop rope buckle, and is thrown with the help of inertia.

The ball can be thrown farther without the help of external force.

Multi-function Ball Launcher: The elastic telescoping throwing ball challenges the dog to run farther and faster by increasing the throwing speed and distance, which not only allows the dog to exercise happily, but also enhances the pet’s grip.

Pet molars: molar toys with different sizes of molars particles around the 360° spherical surface, dog bite toys can clean food residues in the teeth, prevent gum disease, and improve the dog’s oral health.

Strong and Durable material: The dog toy is made of sturdy TPR+ABS material, which will not be easily bitten by the dog.

It is 2.5 inches light and convenient, not only convenient to carry, but also labor-saving during use.

Interactive dog toys can increase the dog’s happiness, relieve the dog’s anxiety when it is bored, increase pet fun, reduce the dog’s desire to destroy furniture, and increase the interaction and feelings of the main pet.


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