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Upgrade Puppy Playpen with Removable Sunshade

Sun-shaded puppy playpen! Waterproof, breathable, durable. Safe haven for playtime, training, travel. Perfect for small dogs and cats! ☀️


Upgrade Your Pup’s Playtime with a Sunshade Oasis!

Keep your furry friend comfy and contained with this premium puppy playpen.

Sun-Kissed Snuggles: A removable sunshade shields your playful pup from harsh rays, creating a cozy haven for naps and playtime.

Peace of Mind, Indoors or Out:

  • Waterproof base: No more muddy paw prints or leaky accidents ruining your floors.
  • Breathable mesh walls: Your pet stays cool and connected with 360-degree visibility.
  • Durable Oxford cloth: Built to last, even for the most energetic pups (unless they’re escape artists!).

Spacious Sanctuary: Plenty of room for romping and relaxing. Remove the blankets and pillows to create a personalized playzone.

Perfect for Small Pals: Ideal for pets up to 26 pounds, offering a safe haven for:

  • Kitchen crusaders.
  • Curious cleaners.
  • Busy bees (working from home).
  • Roving road trippers.
  • Friendly friend visitors.

Multi-talented Marvel: This versatile playpen isn’t just for playtime! It’s a cozy retreat for:

  • Injured or recovering pets.
  • Newborns in need of a safe space.
  • Pups undergoing potty training.
  • Curious explorers needing wildlife protection.