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Stainless Steel Dog Pail

Amazon.com Price: $16.48 (as of 26/01/2023 19:44 PST- Details)

ProSelect Stainless Steel Flat Sided Pet Pail.


Pets can be notoriously hard on food and water bowls and buckets.

If this describes your pets, you’ll want to try the high quality Pro Select Stainless Steel Pet Pail.

This 14/4 stainless steel construction (14% chrome and 4% nickel) will last for years and will stand up to the roughest treatment from a pet.

The Pro Select pet pail won’t chip or rust with its stainless steel design.


With the flat side of the pail, you can place it against the side of a pet kennel or pen, or you can hang the pet water pail on a fence or gate.

The 1-quart size is great for those with one pet, or you can pick from four other larger sizes up to 9 quarts.

Durable Stainless Steel – This pet pail will last for years with its high quality durable construction.

Easy to Clean – The stainless steel pail will not rust or chip, and it is extremely easy to clean after use.

1-Quart Pail Size – The 1-quart pail measures 5 inches in diameter with 32 ounces/4 cups of capacity; four other larger sizes are available too.

Flat Side Design – With one flat side on the pail, it will fit tightly against the side of a pet’s kennel or pen.

Hanging Option – Because the Pro Select pet pail is built so sturdily, you can hang it securely on a fence, cage, crate or kennel.

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