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Sport Ball Launcher for Dogs

Amazon.com Price: $7.74 (as of 10/04/2023 06:00 PST- Details)

ChuckIt! Sport Ball Launcher.

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THROW FARTHER & FASTER: elevate fetch with your dog with the Chuckit!

Dog ball launcher, increasing the range and speed of your throw and exercising your dog in a fraction of the time.

LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Chuckit! ball launcher for dogs measures 12 inches long, making it easy to place in the trunk or backseat when you and your dog are on the move.

HANDS STAY CLEAN: launcher firmly grasps dog balls covered in mud and slobber for convenient pick-up without the mess.

Chuckit! launchers and balls are tough dog toys designed for outdoor use.

INCLUDES ONE CHUCKIT! TENNIS BALL: Chuckit! balls for dogs are brightly colored and easy to spot in tall grass.

This Chuckit! Tennis ball launcher is also compatible with standard-size tennis balls.

CONVENIEN PICK-UP: Chuckit! launcher’s Cupped end allows pet parents to collect balls easily without bending over.

COMFORT & CONTROL: Chuckit! launcher’s soft, ergonomic handle makes it easy to direct the path of the ball somewhere your dog can always retrieve it.

PLAYTIME IN THE POOL: Chuckie dog fetch toys are ideal for playtime at the pool or the beach; the Chuckit! Tennis ball floats for long-distance throws by the water.

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