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Durable Flying Disc

Amazon.com Price: $15.99 (as of 07/04/2023 05:43 PST- Details)

ZippyPaws – Rope Gliderz Durable Outdoor Dog Toy, Flying Disc.



DURABLE – This disc toy is tough and suitable even for aggressive chewers.

For the pup who loves to catch and retrieve, these Rope Gliderz are ideal for outdoor fun!

QUALITY MATERIALS – Made of real mountain climbing rope and sturdy nylon material, this toy is easy to throw far and light enough to fetch again and again.

LIGHTWEIGHT – Containing no stuffing, this toy is light and easy to carry for dogs of any size or age.

COLORFUL – This brightly colored toy is great for indoor and outdoor play since it stands out in the grass and is highly visible for a fun game of toss.

ZIPPYPAWS QUALITY – ZippyPaws means design and quality.

At our core, we stand for only giving your dogs the best.

Count on ZippyPaws for all of your dog toy needs!

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