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BULLYMAKE Horseshoe Nylon Dog Toy

Amazon.com Price: $20.33 (as of 01/12/2023 11:55 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

BULLYMAKE Horseshoe Nylon Dog Toy, for Tough Chewers, Made in USA.


DESIGNED FOR POWER CHEWERS – All BULLYMAKE toys are uniquely designed for the power chewer.

The textures and materials are perfect for dogs who love to chew.

DURABLE – All BULLYMAKE toys are long lasting and durable.

Most toys will show moderate wear and tear as your dogs continues use.

Always monitor your pets during play time.

SUITABLE FOR ANY DOG – Toys are designed for dogs that weigh 15 – 150 pounds.

MADE IN USA – All BULLYMAKE toys are manufactured and tested in the United States.

TOUGH TOYS DOGS LOVE – If your dog is an extreme chewer, tugger, fetcher, or player, BULLYMAKE has you covered.



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