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Adjustable Dog Food and Water Bowls

Amazon.com Price: $36.24 (as of 05/06/2023 12:36 PST- Details)

X-ZONE PET Raised Pet Bowls for Cats and Dogs, Adjustable Bamboo Elevated Dog Food and Water Bowls, Stand Feeder with 2 Stainless Steel Bowls and Anti Slip Feet (Height 7.9″ to 11.4″ to 15″).


Removable and Adjustable Design – Height of this pet feeder adjust from 4.7″ up to 7″.

You can use it for you cats and puppies at the height of 4,7’’.

While your pet growing up you can adjust it to the height of 7’’.

This type of pet feeder is removable as well, you can remove one of the stainless bowls and use it as a two bowls pet feeder.

That enhance the function of this pet feeder.

Stable Anti-Skid – Raised pet bowl is made from Natural high quality bamboo.

The dog feeders elevated with anti slip feet make it stable and does not slide easily, it prevent your pet from sliding bowls around and provide protection for your floors.

Increases Anti-slip feet on bowl insets which eliminated the impact sound when pets are eating.

Swallowing Easily – The elevated dog dish provide ease of access to food and water.

Reduces bloating and neck strain in dogs.

Digestive health is dramatically improved when dogs no longer have to strain unnaturally to eat from ground level.

Keep Cleaner And Easy To Clean – Using this elevated pet feeders keeps the feeding area cleaner.

The stainless steel bowls are easy to clean.

Bamboo Feeder – Bamboo is a magic natural plant, strong fiber material is high-strength, high tensile strength, good elasticity and low density.

With its special delicate fragrance, your lovely pet will love this new feeder, and really enjoy the meal any time.

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