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Dog Bicycle Basket Up to 15 lbs

Amazon.com Price: $49.99 (as of 04/06/2023 12:31 PST- Details)

Walky Basket Pet Dog Bicycle Bike Basket and Carrier Easy Click Release Mounting – Up to 15lbs 15.5″ Wide x 10″ Depth.


Designed for taking your pet with you on a bike ride.

Easy Click quick release buckles.

Includes Zippered storage pocket & Padded bottom, Reflective Strip.

Includes Mesh pocket for water bottle & Zippered mesh cover for top of carrier to zip pet in.

Includes a short leash inside that can attach to your pets collar.

The leash is attached & Swen into bottom of Basket.

Floor Board Can be removed for easy Cleaning and you will find Leash Stowed there in Inital packaging.

We recommend professional installation of the mounting device by a bike shop.

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