There are a number of different GPS trackers on the market that are designed specifically for dogs. These devices range in price and features, but all offer a way to track your pet’s location.

One of the most popular dog GPS trackers is the Garmin Alpha 100. This unit is a handheld device that can track your dog’s location in real-time, as well as monitor their activity levels. It also includes a built-in bark detection sensor to help you find your dog if they get lost.

Another popular option is the Tractive GPS Tracker. This device is small and lightweight, and can be attached to your dog’s collar. It tracks your dog’s location and sends updates to your phone or computer.

Whichever dog gps tracker you choose, make sure that it is waterproof and has a long battery life. It’s also a good idea to test the tracker before taking your dog on a long hike or outdoor adventure.

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