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Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door

Amazon.com Price: $180.00 (as of 02/12/2023 10:30 PST- Details)

Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door, Adjustable.

Simplify your life with an ideal pet aluminum sash window pet door.

Give your furry friend access to shelter day and night and get them in out of the heat, Rain, and cold without any fuss.

Economical and dependable, an ideal pet aluminum sash window pet door requires no changes to your existing sash window and can be installed or removed with ease.

Keep your pet safe and happy with an ideal pet door.


High quality white finish aluminum construction installs easily into most aluminum sash window styles.

Minimum sash window height requirement is 12.5625″

Flexible flap is made of clear vinyl to allow pet to see through opening and is non-toxic for added safety.

Recommended for pets 2 to 12 Pounds.

Animal Lock-Out slide included.

Manufacturer Warranty does not apply to product purchased through Amazon Warehouse Deals.

Need Assistance?

E-mail Ideal Pet Products expert US-based customer care specialists seven days a week!


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