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All Weather Ball

Amazon.com Price: $9.27 (as of 10/04/2023 06:01 PST- Details)

Franklin Sports Ready Set Fetch All Weather Ball – Launcher Ball – Slobber and Water Resistant.


The Franklin Sports Ready Set Fetch all weather balls are designed to withstand the wettest conditions (including slobber) while maintaining optimum performance!

Franklin Sports Pet Supply specifically designed this ball to be used in the RSF Automatic Launcher.

These high-performance balls will launch just as far from beginning to end in the RSF Automatic Launcher, no matter the amount slobber from your dog!

DURABLE: High density rubber is designed to withstand intense play.

SPIKE DESIGN: This ball was specifically designed with the RSF Dog launcher in mind.

Rubber spikes provide no slip grip to maintain optimum distance when shot out of RSF automatic launcher.

COLOR: Bright orange color makes this an ideal ball for going far distances.

You will not lose sight of it once it is thrown or shot out of the launcher.

DOG FAVORITE: This will become your dogs’ favorite ball because of those graspable spikes making it easy to keep in their mouth and durable design for a reliable play toy.

COMPATABILITY: RSF Launcher and Automatic launcher compatible.

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