35 Dog Bed Pillows For Every Budget

You’ll be surprised at the range of dog pillows available online! Dog beds can also be great if you want to provide the pup with a comfortable area or designated place in your home.

They can be great for giving the pet a bit of personal space when you have company over or you’ll appreciate them when you need to be away from home.

Below are 35 dog bed pillows for every budget …

The Importance of Comfortable Bed for Your Dog

Imagine you’re sound asleep, having a peaceful night’s sleep. Then, your bed starts to sink into the floor and you realize, you’re now standing on the floor.

The pillows have disappeared and the blanket is on the other side of the room. This may seem like a nightmare scenario, but it’s not.

It’s quite common for dogs to be unable to get comfortable during sleep!

Comfort is the most important thing for the dog. However, not only comfort but also safety is essential for the four-pawed friend.

Besides providing the pet with a cozy place to sleep, you have to make sure that this place is safe and reliable.

Dog bed pillows are a great solution for this kind of problem!

Do dogs need a pillow?

A lot of people have dog beds for their fur friends to lie down in. Some owners even buy them pillows so the pet can just rest its head on them.

The question is, do dogs need a pillow?

When you look at the bigger picture, dogs don’t need the pillow, but if you are going to purchase one for them, it should have certain things.

The pillow should be machine washable and weatherproof.

Weatherproof pillows are easy to clean and will keep the quality of the pillow. The most popular color would be brown or tan.

Are pillow beds good for dogs?

Dog beds are as much a part of a dog’s décor as any other piece of furniture in a home. On the other hand, pillow beds are pretty, and some pets prefer them.

But do dogs need them?

On the contrary, they need to rest on a firm surface; too-soft pillow beds don’t offer the support needed for comfortable rest and healthy joints, and an older dog who sinks into a plush bed may have trouble getting into and out of it.

But dogs do like to sleep on soft surfaces, and we have come to think it is a natural, instinctive preference.

Many pets are particularly fond of sleeping in a corner of the family bed, but if that is your dog’s favorite spot, don’t give in …

seasonal pillow coverPin
seasonal dog pillow cover


And why would you deny your furry friend a new dog bed pillow? They provide the best possible comfort for the pet.

Probably, you’ve seen that the beloved pooch chooses to sleep on its cushion if there is such one.

We can’t blame it for that!

Dogs don’t need individual bedding, but they do need a comfortable, safe spot where they can relax while sleeping.


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