8 Surprising Reasons Why Dogs Cry at Night

Ah, there’s nothing worse than a dog that cries during the night. Your precious pet is saying, “Hey! Wake up! Feed me! Watch TV with me!” We all want a happy, fulfilled furry friend … that won’t keep us awake all night long.

As a pet parent, it is our responsibility to ensure that they are healthy in every way possible.

But what if you’re not sure what the problem is? Maybe your buddy is crying more than usual and you’re wondering why it’s happening.

Here are some surprising reasons …

Anxiety or Stress?

Dogs may cry at night because they’re feeling anxious or stressed. This could be due to a change in their environment, such as a move to a new home, or the introduction of a new pet or family member.

Many pets suffer from separation anxiety when their owners leave them alone which can cause to whine or cry.

The solution is very simple: take your canine on a trip or seek advice from a vet, breeder or friend.

A Furry Friend is Lonely or Bored

If the buddy is used to spending time with you during the day and suddenly finds himself alone at night, he may cry from loneliness or boredom.

Try to provide your dog with toys or puzzles that will keep it occupied and help it feel less alone.

Strange Noises

Our best friends have much keener hearing than we do, so it’s not surprising that they may become agitated by strange noises during the night. If the dog is barking or howling at night, try to determine what’s causing the noise and take steps to reduce it (such as closing the windows).

Your home’s various materials – plumbing pipes, metal ducts, nails, etc – expand and contract at different speeds, creating creaks throughout the night, so you can keep an ear out for any noise problems before they become major issues.

Even if you only hear noise occasionally, it’s important to address them early.

Where is My Bathroom?

Let’s assume that your furry friend is house-trained … make sure it has plenty of opportunities to go outside during the day so it doesn’t have to hold it all night long.

Dogs typically need to relieve themselves every few hours, so if yours is Crying at random times during the night, a trip outside may be in order.

Dogs Can Warn You of Danger Ahead!

They are instinctively protective of their pack (which includes you and your family), so it’s not uncommon for them to bark or howl at night if they sense danger.

So, if the beloved pooch starts acting strange or seems on edge, it’s important to pay attention. They could be trying to tell you that something isn’t right!

Of course, every dog is different and not all of them will react to danger in the same way. But there are some common warning signs to look out for – barking excessively, whining, or trying to hide.

Attention Seeking Dogs

There’s no denying that some furry friends just love the attention.

Whether they’re trying to get your attention with their cuteness or demanding it with barking, these attention-seeking pups are sure to let you know when they’re feeling left out.

While it may be annoying at times, it’s also hard to resist their charms.

Medical Problems

Another reason why dogs may cry at night is because they’re in pain (arthritis and injuries, diseases and infections). It’s important to take the furry friend to the vet!

Once any pain or other medical issues have been ruled out, you can work on helping your buddy feel more comfortable at night.

This may include providing a soft bed or blanket, making sure he has access to water and establishing a quiet, calm environment.

The Craziest Reason – Too Hot or Cold

I know this reason may be ridiculous, but can’t temperature differences affect the behavior of our pets?

Just like humans, dogs can become uncomfortable if they’re too hot or too cold. Our task is to provide pets with a comfortable place to sleep that’s not too close to any drafts or heaters.

If it’s winter, make sure “the bedding” is warm enough. Similarly, in summertime, check that the sleeping area isn’t too hot or humid.

Let’s see what the science says …

A study by researchers in Japan found that dogs produce tears when they are reunited with their owners. Sounds interesting?

This is the first report demonstrating that positive emotion stimulates tear secretion in a non-human animal, and that oxytocin functions in tear secretion,” the team said.[¹]

The study was published in the journal Current Biology.

Should I ignore my crying dog at night?

It can be a double-edged sword! We would never recommend ignoring the puppy when it cries, howls or barks. Maybe it’s a health problem? Strange noises? Danger? But if you have the dog that uses “attention-seeking whining,” there are some simple things you can do: give them extra attention during the day (like brushing them regularly or letting them play outside), and don’t let them sleep in your bed!

Why the dog whines for no reason?

One thing is sure is true, there is a reason: the dog is afraid of the dark, it misses mom and dad, afraid of being alone … etc. In general, dogs feel emotions as humans do. But they also have a large number of other senses that we don’t understand completely, such as their hearing and smell, which is why they can be so sensitive to certain sounds or smells.

Why are street dogs crying at night in front of your house?

The dog may be crying because it is hungry, weather conditions are terrible (cold/wet), the pain or it is being abused! Don’t forget that the rules of the street are harsh for some people, and how can they not be for the dogs. However, a howling dog sends a different message: marking territory, there is a wolf/bear/fox nearby, it predicts danger (eg earthquake) …

What to do when the puppy whines in its crate?

Puppies are social creatures and want to be with their pack. It isn’t uncommon for puppies who have just been separated from their littermates to cry or whine because they are confused and lonely. Give your buddy time to get used to the new environment, start crate training and have toys nearby.


Dogs are masterful at hiding the emotions which add to the mystery of how they cope with their daily lives.

Our relationship with furry friends goes far beyond just feeding them or letting them sleep in the beds. They have different behavior patterns depending on the time of day when they wake up, what has happened before then and what we do next.

However, it is heartbreaking when your buddy whines or cries out of nowhere. Yet, finding the cause for this behavior is extremely important! In some cases, it may be nothing to worry about, but in other cases, it could be a sign of a serious problem.

If you’re concerned about your dog’s crying, it’s best to consult with a veterinarian or animal behaviorist to get to the bottom of the problem.

Thank you for your time and attention.


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