Vrnjacka Banja CAC Dog Show 2012

On 30.06.2012 Kennel Club “Vrnjci” (Vrnjacka Banja) organized the national dog show. Astor and Astra achieved the following results: excellent, CAJC.

We are happy with the result considering that for our dogs this was the first dog show.

Below you can see a list of judges, photos, and video clips.

List of judges:

  • Sunčica Lazić – I, and part of II group;
  • Pero Ćelebić – II group;
  • Vladimir Mihaljčić – III group, Show Terrier tip Bull;
  • Mića Nikolić – VI group;
  • Goran Đorđević – VII group;
  • Dragan Ristić – VIII group;
  • Siniša Sančanin- IV, V, IX and X group.

City Vrnjacka Banja

Vrnjacka Banja is the most celebrated and most popular spa town of Serbia and at same time, a very attractive recreative centre.

Situated in a great park full of trees with particularly charming houses, the town has a promsing future.

Surrounding Vrnjacka Banja are UNESCO protected medieval buildings, which serve as a reminder to early European civilisation.

The hotels are numerous and have swimming pools and halls for games. In winter, it is convenient for skiing on the Goc, just a few kilometres away.

In the summer, Vrnjacka Banja is transformed into one of greatest cultural centres in Serbia: literary soirées in a very nice library of the modern style, classical concerts under the column capitals and the festival of the cinema scenario.

The restaurants are often on the border of a water current and offer terraces under the trees of the park.

Vrnjacka Banja, the bigest and the moust popular Serbian spa resor has travel card, called VB tourist & Shopping Card. This is unique card designed for tourists to accrue savings in time and money.

By purchasing a card, tourists get discounts for purchasing goods and services.

Source: Wikipedia

CAC Vrnjacka Banja Dog Show 2012


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