Untold Story Behind Our Most-Watched Sarplaninac Video!

This is the story of our most-watched YouTube video “Sarplaninac Rex and American Bully Tyson”.

The view count continues to soar, currently standing at a staggering 1,301,577 views.

What could be the driving force behind this overwhelming user interest, leading them to invest their precious time in watching, liking, commenting, sharing, and subscribing?

Is it the majestic Sarplaninac, or the charming American Bully?

A captivating scene, perhaps?

In the following, I will unravel the answers to these intriguing questions.

Bringing Rex Back to Our Breeding Kennel

Rex was originally purchased as a puppy from our breeding kennel, and his owner lived just a kilometer or two away from our home.

While the family worked abroad, they cherished their time in Trešnjevica, especially during July and August.

They owned a large estate, with dedicated staff to manage it, including the care of their dogs.

Rex’s primary role was to protect both the property and the family members.

The children showered him with boundless affection and often spent hours playing with him.

However, one day, a neighbor visited them.

The dog was freely roaming in the yard while the children played, and the neighbor was warned not to enter.

Regrettably, she made a significant mistake and bravely advanced, holding a broom as a defense against the Sarplaninac dog, and walking towards the children.

Unfortunately, the Sarplaninac interpreted her actions as a threat to the kids and a trespass onto his territory.

In a swift response, Rex lunged at the neighbor.

She fell to the ground and lay motionless until the owner arrived.

While Rex did not bite her (luckily she didn’t make sudden movements), the incident resulted in significant distress, eventually leading to a legal dispute.

Arrival of Authorities – Inspection

The authorities have uncovered some intriguing information.

The dog is not properly vaccinated for the current year, as well as the previous ones, and although the passport is in order, Rex does not have a microchip.

The reason behind this is quite straightforward.

Veterinarians had a certain level of apprehension in performing their duties, as they observed that the owner was not in control of the situation at the time.

As a result, the conclusion reached is that euthanasia is necessary.

The Owner Seeks Assistance From The Breeder

My father was adamant about not permitting the euthanization of our dog, even though he was taking considerable risks.

Bringing Rex back to our home and getting him microchipped became a necessity.

However, it seemed like an impossible task at the time.

Rex was well advanced in age, incredibly agile and robust, had never changed locations, and sported teeth reminiscent of a wolf.

No muzzle or any other restraining devices would work.

When the owner took safety precautions, at my father’s insistence, he and Rex embarked on a walk together.

I believe those 15-20 minutes will be remembered for a lifetime, but the mission was accomplished.

We found the right spot for him in our breeding kennel, but the challenges persisted for a full eight days.

We employed various methods, including fasting, to approach him and establish some form of authority, but to no avail.

Then, my father decided to employ a particular trick he believed would work.

I can’t disclose the details, but Rex was perplexed, leaving him no choice but to accept the breeder as the ultimate authority and number one.

I observed a remarkable transformation at this point.

Rex demonstrated himself to be a highly intelligent dog who thought for himself, and every move he made was carefully calculated.

He revealed his softer side when my father petted him on the head or took him for a walk, showing unbridled joy.

However, he turned into a true beast when approached by a stranger or another animal (the latter due to a lack of socialization).

Keep in mind, he had never changed locations, which is why we wanted him to experience new things with appropriate precautions.

In the end, our veterinarian arrived and successfully performed the microchipping and vaccination, but the dog “was digging the ground” at those moments and things didn’t go as smoothly as we had planned.

How Did The Encounter With The American Bully Happen?

I am an economist by profession and have a passion for conducting various market research.

Based on my experience, I can confidently assert that the Sarplaninac dog breed cannot be labeled as a “prestigious dog.”

When it comes to the “World Dog Show” with 20,000 participants, the chance of seeing a Sarplaninac on the winner’s podium is close to zero.

Why is this the case?

This is a complex issue, but I will attempt to provide my perspective and a clear answer:

  • Insufficient marketing efforts.
  • A lack of interest among owners in reading a document like “FCI Standard No. 41/03.10.1980/GB” to gain essential knowledge about the breed and what their future pet should look like. Instead, they seek the opinion of a canine judge who is an “expert” in XYZ dog breeds or the opinion of a renowned breeder with numerous champions (detailed explanation in a subsequent article). There are few dogs rightfully carrying the titles CAC and BOB, but a far greater number are champions of their country without deserving even a grade of 4.
  • Incorrect presentation on social media (with a few exceptions): a high number of aggressive and fearful dogs instead of balanced individuals that could serve as examples.
  • A significant similarity to the Caucasian Shepherd Dog – a solution is here.
  • The stereotype is that Sarplaninacs belong in the mountains with sheep and a small hut, while urban areas deserve much better and prestigious options. My message to them is to continue promoting their pets in superlatives but not at the expense of others.
  • EU regulations and restrictions such as the ban on “dangerous dog imports.” An ideal example is Denmark and its blacklist, which is a clear indicator that some countries lack the institutions and expert staff (trainers and breeders) to bring things under control.
  • The imposition of “right” values, suggesting that it is perfectly normal for a stranger who sees a well-behaved and stable Sarplaninac for the first time to approach and play with it, pat it on the head, and so on. Otherwise, the dog is labeled as “aggressive,” and it becomes necessary to send it to obedience school to learn proper behavior. My message is simple: stop doing this!
  • Facebook groups are a valuable source of information, especially those with 20,000+ members? Unfortunately, only 30% of the dogs are excellent representatives of their breed, while the remaining 70% are pets. In any case, Facebook groups are ideal for exchanging information that can lead to constructive discussions that will positively influence the breed’s perception.
  • Lastly, a simple question for you – Name five movies where the Sarplaninac dog is the main character? If you can’t answer, try “German Shepherd Dog” in a Google search… I’m sure you’ll have more success.

American Bully Tyson

I hope you now have a more realistic picture of the Sarplaninac, recognizing it as a rare breed of dogs when viewed on a global scale.

That’s why I suggested to my father that we create video content that provides space for other dog breeds, allowing our furry friends to shine beyond the Balkans.

Video editing is a demanding task, requiring a significant investment of time to capture excellent shots, create beautiful visuals, and even venture into risky scenes and travel to produce the best possible video for our YouTube visitors and other social media platforms.

The result is several hundred (or even thousands) of views, of which I am genuinely proud!

However, the challenge lies in realizing the primary objective.

I fully understand my audience, including those who hold a rather low opinion of my furry friends.

Some visitors dislike seeing a tethered dog (chain); they value democracy and freedom.

I understand them because they are people who love all dog breeds and believe that what is good for a Chihuahua will be even better for a Sarplaninac.

But then the question arises: where are the likes, comments, and shares on social media?

Clearly, I haven’t been able to provide my subscribers with content that sparks real engagement and initiates meaningful discussions.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the American Bully Tyson.

I told my father to find me dogs that play in the ‘Champions League,’ and the friendly match must take place on the visiting team’s turf – featuring Kangal, Kavkaz Shepherd, and Pitbull.

By chance, at that time, we sold a little Sarplaninac puppy, and the new owner asked my father to come to his home for a discussion about feeding, socialization, and other related matters.

Naturally, any responsible breeder would offer helpful advice when approached by a nearby owner.

However, it was during this visit that the spotlight shifted to American Bully Tyson, a dog whose training abroad cost a whopping 2,500 EUR.

On command, he would readily confront an assailant holding a gun.

His only drawback was his excess weight and less-than-ideal physical condition.

My father came home and said to me, ‘I’ve found a dog for your next video!’

I asked, ‘What breed?’ He replied, ‘Something like a Pitbull.’

To be honest, I wasn’t particularly thrilled because it wasn’t a Pitbull, and the temperature outside was hovering around 35 degrees Celsius.

But it was worth a shot.

Three of our dogs made it to the shortlist for the breeding kennel’s recording and presentation – Bux, Tyson, and Rex.

What Factors Led To Bux And Tyson Not Being The Top Choice?

Bux, a Sarplaninac we’ve been eagerly anticipating for a full 30 years, is an incredibly robust and imposing dog.

I can confidently say that he epitomizes the ideal connection between our breeding kennel and the FCI Standard No. 41/03.10.1980/GB.

However, at the time of filming, he was still quite young, and any risky scenes would have been too big a gamble on our part.

Tyson, on the other hand, is an entirely different beast. He’s the most self-assured Sarplaninac I’ve ever come across!

Even Astor, who was a year older than Tyson, quivered in his presence.

I recall a situation at a dog show where my father walked Tyson just before entering the exhibition ring.

They passed by two large cages housing massive, vociferous dogs.

Tyson casually approached the cages, raised his hind leg to relieve himself, and continued on without a care. Thank God the owners were not present …

In the show ring, if another dog came too close, a mere gaze from Tyson would effortlessly resolve any potential issue.

After careful consideration, we concluded that Tyson wasn’t the ideal choice for filming, as he would casually roam the yard, paying no heed to any nearby dogs.

Which Part of the Video Drew the Most Attention?

It’s the scene that was never planned in the first place, but unfortunately, many misinterpreted it as ‘Sarplaninac vs. American Bully,’ which is far from the truth.

My original plan was to film American Bully Tyson showcasing his remarkable skills in the presence of his owner.

He truly is an outstanding dog!

After that, I intended to capture Rex and him standing apart at a safe distance – that was it.

Time to go home!

However, we received numerous heartwarming comments like, ‘The old dog can’t even walk properly anymore; his time is past; who is he going to protect?’

Such comments are not easy for me to ignore.

We reached an agreement to film some risky scenes, and if things didn’t go as planned, there was no turning back!

In the end, we successfully shot the scenes without a hair harmed on anyone’s head.

Yet, after that, an eerie silence settled in …

A Grass Trimmer Test

Rex is a Sarplaninac who knows no fear, and my task was to present this in the right way!

I was determined not to use firearms, as they require special testing conditions.

However, my father came up with the idea of using a grass trimmer, notorious for its deafening noise.

We filmed a scene where my father operated the trimmer, and Rex barked incessantly, advancing toward the unfamiliar object with the intent of destruction.

The moment the trimmer ceased its operation, Rex completely calmed down.

Unfortunately, some individuals misinterpreted this as animal cruelty, which is entirely untrue.

When I explained our intentions in response to their comments, they understood why this scene was included in the video.

If you think every dog will act like Rex, I can tell you they won’t, and a significant number will move in reverse.

We have reached the very end of the story …

Sarplaninac Rex left an indelible mark in our breeding kennel!

Incredibly intelligent, profoundly devoted to those he embraced, and an absolute beast towards strangers and other animals.

Standing at his modest height of 68 cm, he struck fear and awe in all our dogs, except Tyson.

If he were a bit younger (around 5 years old), he would put up a serious fight against a wolf, and no dog in the world stood a chance against a bear.

I’m not claiming he would win in a one-on-one situation with a wolf, but he would certainly deter a wolf from attacking the property, ensuring the wolf would head in the opposite direction.

It’s important to note that Rex and I couldn’t play together on our own; my father’s assistance was necessary.

But even though I couldn’t pet him or take him for a walk whenever I wanted, I loved him immensely!

Thank you for your attention and time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below …

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My name is Alen Stefanovic, and I am the founder and administrator of the website "Awesome Sarplaninac". As an economist-trade manager, and web designer, I have a passion for the Sarplaninac breed (number 1 dogs for me). My father has been breeding these dogs since 1990, and through the website, I aim to share valuable information about nutrition, care, and training for both puppies and adult dogs. Whether you're a new or experienced owner, you'll find plenty of helpful tips and resources on the site. Welcome to "Sarplaninac FCI 4302", and I wish you a pleasant stay.

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