How to Break Your Puppy’s Stone-Eating Habit?

Many puppies have a habit of munching on rocks, pebbles, and other non-edible objects. But fear not, I am here to help you break your furry friend’s stone-eating habit and keep them safe and healthy.

To prevent the puppy from eating stones, you can try the following: provide plenty of “pup-approved” chew toys with daily exercise and mental stimulation.

It may also be helpful to train the beloved pooch to respond to commands such as “leave it” or “drop it” to help prevent it from picking up and eating stones.

Consistency and patience are key when working to stop any unwanted behavior in a puppy!

Unleash the Puppy’s Potential with These Commands

Training your puppy to respond to the commands “leave it” or “drop it” can help prevent them from eating stones or other dangerous objects.

Start by holding a treat in one hand and a potentially harmful object, such as a small stone, in the other.

Show your pup the harmful object and make a fist around it, allowing them to sniff it.

As soon as it stops sniffing and looks at you, say “yes” and reward it with the tasty treat.

Repeat this process until your champion no longer tries to sniff the harmful object when you say “leave it”.

Your Buddy Will Thank You: Importance of Regular Exercise!

I truly believe that every minute spent playing with my puppies is pure joy and priceless.

That’s when we capture the most captivating and engaging footage for our YouTube channel.

Playtime is an invaluable opportunity for puppies to learn important skills and behaviors!

Consider playing games like fetch and tug-of-war with your furry friend, which can provide both physical and mental stimulation.

Puzzle toys can also be a great way to keep it entertained and engaged.

Additionally, placing chew toys outside in areas where the buddy tends to eat rocks can provide them with a safer and more appropriate option for satisfying their chewing urges.

The Game-Changing Hack: Nutrition!

My advice is to consult with a vet about the puppy’s feeding program. It’s important to find a high-quality dog food that’s specifically designed for puppies, and avoiding foods that are high in calories and unhealthy ingredients.

For example, I know that calcium is an important nutrient for Sarplaninac dogs. It helps them develop strong bones and teeth, and supports their overall health and development.

However, it’s important to avoid overfeeding calcium, as this can lead to health problems!

By making a switch to a healthier diet, you can help prevent your champion from engaging in harmful behaviors like eating stones.

Puppy Leash Training

One effective technique for preventing your puppy from eating rocks is to use a leash to gently interrupt the behavior and redirect their attention.

Whenever it goes for a rock, give a quick tug on the leash and say “no” in a firm but calm voice!

Note: Ensuring that your furry friend has received all of the necessary vaccines for its age before taking it on leash training sessions outside of the yard, such as in a park, will help to protect them from potential diseases and ensure their health and safety during these activities.

Sarplaninac Puppies and Stones?

Based on my experience, each puppy is a story in itself. One thing that I have noticed is their reaction when they first encounter a stone the size of their paw.

Some puppies see the stone as a toy and will immediately begin to play with it, biting and chewing on it or trying to move it around with their paws.

Other puppies may be more hesitant, sniffing the stone cautiously before deciding whether to interact with it.

I asked my father about this behavior, and he explained that one of the reason for it is the discomfort that furry friends experience during the process of teething.

As their baby teeth fall out and are replaced by adult teeth, the “teddy bears” may feel pain and discomfort, and the stone can provide a soothing sensation for their gums.

I suggest you watch the following video to see Mila’s reaction to the unknown object.

Why do puppies eat stones?

Puppies may eat stones out of curiosity, as a way to explore their environment, or as a natural instinct to chew on things.

What are some signs that my puppy is eating stones?

Some signs that your puppy may be eating stones include vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy, and abdominal pain.

How can I stop my puppy from eating stones in the yard?

To make your yard less appealing to your puppy for stone eating, try the following tips:

  • Remove any stones from your yard that the puppy can access.
  • Keep the furry firend on a leash when they are outside to prevent them from picking up stones.
  • Provide plenty of appropriate toys for your buddy to chew on instead.
  • Consider using a deterrent spray or bitter-tasting spray on any remaining stones in your yard to make them unappealing to your puppy.
What should I do if my puppy eats a stone?

If you think your puppy has eaten a stone, it is important to seek veterinary care immediately! Your veterinarian will be able to determine the best course of action to help your puppy and prevent any potential complications.


By taking the proper precautions, such as keeping the puppy on a leash and supervising them during outdoor activities, providing plenty of chew toys and other distractions, and training them to understand and obey commands, you can help to prevent your pup from engaging in this harmful behavior.

Additionally, it may be helpful to limit their access to areas where they may find stones to eat and to consult with a veterinarian for further advice.


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