What Famous People Own Sarplaninac Dogs?

Exploring the world of Sarplaninac enthusiasts, I embark on a quest to uncover famous individuals who have had the privilege of sharing their lives with these magnificent dogs.

Gathering information on how they came to own these furry companions is a challenge, as public knowledge remains limited.

My journey centers around people currently in the Sarplaninac club or those who have been part of it in the past.

In any case, they have my respect as they are public figures with a significant influence on the broader public, making it delightful to see a Sarplaninac as a beloved companion in their homes.

Aleksandar Vučić

President of the Republic of Serbia

He was born in Belgrade on March 5, 1970.

He began his political career in the Serbian Radical Party and held various roles, including Minister of Information.

In 2008, he won the mayoral election in Belgrade.

He co-founded the Serbian Progressive Party with Tomislav Nikolic and became its president.

Vucic served as the Minister of Defense and First Deputy Prime Minister, focusing on combating corruption and crime.

He became the Prime Minister of Serbia in 2014 and was later elected as the President.

Vucic is known for implementing significant economic reforms, including reducing public debt.

He is also an avid reader, chess player, and sports enthusiast.

Vucic is multilingual, with proficiency in English, Russian, French, and ongoing learning of German. [1]

He is married to Tamara Vucic and has three children: Danilo, Milica, and Vukan.

The wonderful Sarplaninac, Pako, now graces Vucic’s life, thanks to the generous gift from Patriarch Irinej.

Vojislav Šešelj

Vojislav Seselj, born in 1954 in Sarajevo, hails from a working-class family with Herzegovinian roots.

He achieved academic excellence, earning a doctorate in legal sciences, making him the youngest doctor of sciences in the former Yugoslavia.

His early membership in the League of Communists was followed by a transition to become a prominent dissident and vocal critic of the regime.

Šešelj is a Serbian politician, Chetnik leader, and university professor.

He is best known as the president and founder of the Serbian Radical Party, as well as for his powerful oratory and unyielding convictions in public debates.

His impact on the political stage is characterized by his exceptional intellect, leaving a lasting impression on contemporary Serbian politics. [2]

Judging from publicly accessible data, it’s evident that Mr. Seselj holds a genuine affection for this canine breed, as he has housed several Sarplaninac dogs in his compound.

Vladimir Putin

I believe there’s no need to emphasize who Vladimir Putin is, so we’ll skip the part related to his biography and simply state that he is currently the most prominent figure who owns a Sarplaninac!

On the date of January 17, 2019, during his visit to Serbia, Russian President Vladimir Putin received a special gift from Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic – a three-month-old Sarplaninac puppy named Paša.

It’s worth noting that Putin was delighted and expressed in Russian how adorable the dog was.

Initially, Paša seemed nervous due to the large crowd, but he quickly calmed down when Putin petted him.

The name “Paša” was given to him not at the breeder’s but by associates of the Serbian President, in homage to one of the breed’s founding fathers, a prominent Sarplaninac from the 1970s. [3]

Jelena Genčić

Jelena Genčić (9 October 1936 – 1 June 2013) was a versatile Serbian athlete and coach known for her significant contributions to both tennis and handball.

She began her sporting journey at a young age, excelling in both tennis and handball.

Genčić’s athletic prowess led her to become a goalkeeper for the Yugoslav women’s national handball team.

In 1963, she shifted her focus entirely to tennis, competing in numerous tournaments worldwide. Genčić had a remarkable career, winning the Yugoslav championship 20 times, including singles, women’s pairs, and mixed pairs titles.

She also represented Yugoslavia in the Fed Cup.

Genčić’s impact extended beyond the court. She became a prominent television director, creating arts and culture programs.

Her dedication to promoting Serbian medieval miniature painting stands out as a significant achievement.

jelena gencic and her sarplaninac džasperPin
Foto Emil Conkic Pulsonline Arhiva

In her later years, Genčić transitioned to tennis administration and coaching. Notably, she discovered and coached top-class players like Novak Djokovic, Monica Seles, and Goran Ivanišević, among others.

Djokovic’s rise to greatness can be attributed to Genčić’s guidance, both on and off the court.

She introduced him to the world of tennis and instilled a deep appreciation for classical music, poetry, and languages. Genčić’s impact on Djokovic’s career and personal development remains profound.

Jelena Genčić passed away in 2013, but her legacy lives on. Her contributions to tennis and sports in Serbia continue to be celebrated.

In recognition of her legendary status, there have been initiatives to rename the Tašmajdan Stadium (Belgrade) after her, but the renaming has not yet occurred.

Genčić’s influence on the world of sports and her role in shaping the careers of young athletes endure as a testament to her enduring legacy. [4]

Šerif Konjević

Folk music singer Serif Konjevic was born in the village of Sanica on April 26, 1958. His music career began in the 1970s when he recorded his first songs at the young age of 17.

His career took an upward trajectory in the 1980s, coinciding with his collaboration with the renowned Novica Urošević.

Following the release of the album ‘Bela venčanica, (white wedding dress)’ which became one of the best-selling records in the country, Serif became one of the most famous singers in the former Yugoslavia.

“I earned a lot of money thanks to the song ‘Bela venčanica,’ which sold around 850,000 copies. It was unimaginable to me.

But through that success, I gained financial stability and was able to purchase a home and a car,” he revealed.

He went on to describe how he adorned a mural on the wall of his villa in Sarajevo, where he currently resides, mimicking his family house in Sanica, where he grew up.

Šerif’s collaboration with ‘Južni vetar’ is also well-known, resulting in some of the biggest hits in the regional music scene. [5]

Instagram Video That Caught My Attention

I’m active on Instagram and regularly monitor the situation with the “#sarplaninac” hashtag.

I strive to engage our followers with fresh video clips and images.

However, one day, a video emerged that “broke Instagram” when it comes to Sarplaninacs.

Honestly, I didn’t know what it was about until I saw our famous actor Milan Vasić filming a series about the Sar Mountains in Kosovo and Metohija.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Vasic for creating a series that showcases all the beauty and wonders of the Sar Mountains (both from the outside and inside).

And these two adorable Sarplaninac puppies will surely brighten your day as well.


The Sarplaninac, with its rich history and remarkable characteristics, has captured the hearts of many famous individuals worldwide.

These influential figures have not only showcased the breed’s protective and loyal nature but also highlighted its cultural significance, ensuring the Sarplaninac’s continued recognition and admiration on a global scale.

If you believe that I have made any omissions or that someone else should be included in this article, please feel free to write in the comments.

Thank you for your time and attention.


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