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ZEUS Alpha TPR Muzzle for Dogs

Amazon.com Price: $17.59 (as of 10/04/2023 05:40 PST- Details)

ZEUS Alpha TPR Muzzle for Dogs, Comfort Fit Design Prevents Biting, Barking and Chewing, Black.



The alpha by Zeus line of dog muzzles is a safe and humane way to help control biting, barking and chewing while still allowing your pet to drink, pant and even accept treats.

The alpha dog muzzle is ideal for those situations where your dog may be stressed or nervous, and where additional security may be needed (dog parks, vet or groomer visits, etc).

The muzzle can also be used during walks to help protect your pet from foraging and eating harmful items; as an additional safety measure during training; or to help prevent your pet from wound licking while recuperating from surgery.

Safe and humane way to help control biting, barking and chewing.


Permits drinking, panting and treat reward with large openings that provide maximum airflow and ventilation.

Comfort fit design with adjustable head and neck straps perfect for all sizes of dogs.

Integrated Safety Hook: loops through dog’s collar, ensures muzzle stays in place.

X Large size suitable for dogs 65-150 lbs.

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