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Woodlands Plush Chipmunk Rope Ring

Amazon.com Price:  Original price was: $11.99.Current price is: $9.00. (as of 02/01/2024 16:59 PST- Details)

Playful pup? Chipmunk toy fuels fetching, tugging and snuggles. Durable rope and plush, squeaker inside. Perfect for all canine pals!


Fuel your pup’s inner hunter: This adorable chipmunk plush isn’t just cute, it’s crafted to ignite your dog’s natural instincts for playful stalking and pouncing.

Built for rowdy fun: Don’t worry about ripped seams or lost stuffing – the sturdy rope and durable plush are made to withstand even the most enthusiastic tug-of-war battles or fetch marathons.

Snuggles after playtime: When the zoomies are over, the soft fur and plush fabric transform the chipmunk into a cuddly companion for cozy downtime.

Hidden squeak for extra excitement: A built-in squeaker adds another layer of fun, keeping your pup engaged and entertained with every shake or squeeze.

Perfect for all pups: Whether you have a pint-sized terrier or a gentle giant, the Woodlands Chipmunk Rope Ring comes in a size to fit every playful personality.

More than just a toy: It’s an interactive companion that encourages exercise, mental stimulation, and bonding between you and your furry friend.

In short:

  • Durable rope and plush construction for lasting fun;
  • Squeaker for added excitement;
  • Realistic chipmunk design appeals to natural instincts;
  • Perfect for all dogs, regardless of age, breed, or size!