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Wooden Puppy Dog House

DOGFAITH Wooden Puppy Dog House – Pet Wood Room.


Easy to assemble – assembled from 6 panels, detailed installation steps are shown at the bottom of the purchase page.

Stable structure – new board, firm and reliable, precision match bayonet, not easy to shake and loose after fixed.

It can breathe air from four sides, so dogs won’t feel hot even on a hot summer day.

The added Windows and vents make it more convenient for the dog to supervise the surrounding environment, so that the dog can better guard the house for you.


Small and medium-sized dog house, suitable for indoor, if you insist on outdoor is also possible, but it is the best sunny day, because the new plate in the rain will slightly absorb water to make it expand affect its service life.

The top floor of the flat ceiling design is equivalent to a large viewing platform, which can satisfy the cat’s feeling of being high above the ground.

Moreover, the extended length on all sides can just play the role of guardrail to protect your cat from falling down.



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