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Wireless Pump Pet Water Fountain

Amazon.com Price: $39.99 (as of 04/06/2023 12:29 PST- Details)

PETKIT EVERSWEET Solo 2 Wireless Pump Pet Water Fountain, App Control, Ultra Quiet Pet Water Dispenser for Cats Dogs, Smart/Normal/DND Mode, Water Level Window, Cat Dog Water Dispenser-2L.



[Wireless Pump Pet Water fountain] PETKIT EVERSWEET SOLO 2 comes out with upgraded wireless pump 3.0, anti dry-burning, longer lifetime, easy to assemble, extremely quiet.

[Detachable Design] With the detachable water fountain body and base, you won’t get the powered base wet when topping up water or cleaning up the fountain.

[Ultra Safe] There are no wires on the water pump, which is very safe.

Although the base of the device is powered by a USB cable, but the base and the water fountain body can be separated, making operation safer and easier.

[APP Control via Bluetooth] You can check the status of the water fountain on app at any time, app will remind you when the water level is low.

[Multi-Layer Filtration System] It filters hair and dust and removes odor and heavy metals.

[3 Working Modes] Smart Mode, Normal Mode and Night Mode which are applied to different conditions.

Capacity: 2L, meets your pets’ water intake.

[Kindly Reminder] We recommend that you dismantle and clean the pump regularly, this will extend the life of pump and water dispenser.

And a thorough cleaning of the water pump can help you with the following problems:

1. weakened or no water coming out of the pump;

2. the pump becomes noisy.

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