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Wireless Doggie Doorbells with Warterproof Touch Button

Amazon.com Price: $32.99 (as of 08/04/2023 05:33 PST- Details)

EverNary Dog Door Bell – Wireless Doggie Doorbells for Potty Training with Warterproof Touch Button, Dog Bells Included 2 Receiver and 2 Transmitters.



This dog door bell is for training dog/pet learned to touch button when they want to go outside or back home instead of scratching barking and whining.

Trigger simple – The dog doorbell is easy to activate.

Just need lightly touch or slip over the touchpad through nose or claw.

No need to press.

Any small or big dogs can do.

Even cats also can do it.

Easy Installation – Dog doorbells for potty training are wireless.

Use vecro to stick the transmitter on the door/floor/wall, even on a board and then you can place it any where you need.

Flexibly increase or decrease the receiver and transmitter according to your needs.Just plug the receiver into a socket for the plug-in Receiver.


The matching method is simple and easy to operate.

Broad Suitable Scope-3 in 1: As dog doorbell suitable for all size dogs-xsmall,small,medium or large!

Also fit cat or other pets!

Other two functions are used as door bell for home or as caregive page for elderly/sick patient.

LONG RANGE and Customized-Operating range is 500+ feet in open area.

Has 55 ring tones and 5 levels volume from 0db to 110db for choice.

Set to 0db (mute mode) when you need.

Could not be disturbed.

Give you a better home experience.

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