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Wide Wire Mesh Gate

Amazon.com Price: $30.75 (as of 07/04/2023 05:19 PST- Details)

MYPET North States 48″ Wide Wire Mesh Gate: Made in USA, Simply Expand and Lock in Place. Pressure Mount. Fits 29.5″- 48″ Wide (37″ Tall, Sustainable Hardwood).


The Extra Tall & Wide Wire Mesh Petgate is designed for small, medium or large breeds.

Standing 37″ high, the added height of this gate is the perfect solution for those pets that like to jump.

It pressure mounts easily and securely without the use of hardware.

Simply position and lock in place.

The sturdy American sustainable wood frame surrounds rigid vinyl-coated wire mesh panels that adjust to fit openings from 29.5 to 48 inches wide.

The side bumpers are made of rubber and will not mark walls.

The bottom two bumpers are higher than most and will accommodate up to 4″ molding.


WORRY-FREE SAFETY: Keep your pet contained and your home safe with the MyPet Tall & Wide Wire Mesh Petgate which is made of durable hardwood and vinyl-coated wire mesh.

This 37 inch tall gate is perfect for pet that like to jump.

CONVENIENT & PORTABLE: This gate is 37″ tall, fits a variety of openings between 29.5″ and 48″ wide and is easy to take down and install – which means you can use it anywhere you need it!

Securely block doorways, hallways, and other spaces.

EASY ON WALLS: Thanks to the durable rubber bumpers, your gate will stay put without scuffing or scratching your walls; Plus, unlike other gates, this gate is designed to work with modern molding – up to 4″.

AMAZING VALUE, SIMPLE TO INSTALL: Easy pressure-mount design – simply expand the gate to fit your space and press down on the sturdy locking bar to secure.


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