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Waterproof Ventilate Dog House

Amazon.com Price: $5,174.45 (as of 05/06/2023 12:34 PST- Details)

Pet Kennel – Main material: wood. Suitable for small and medium size dogs!



Brand: Run-anmy.

Product Name: Pet Kennel.

Main material: wood.

Suitable for small and medium size dogs.

Features: durable, no fading, waterproof, lightweight and easy to clean; spacious fence design, safe and convenient.

–Size description: manual measurement, there may be 1-2cm error depending on the actual size.

–Photo description: Please note that this product is photographed in real life due to light, angle, display, etc. and there may be some color differences.

· Sturdy wood material for indoor and outdoor use: our pet dog house is made of wood and treated with natural stains to provide a lasting experience.


Weatherable waterborne coatings are ideal for outdoor use.

The rugged house allows your pet to hide inside when it rains outside.

· Breathable and not stuffy: visible window design that allows your pet to easily see the outside world; breathable grille, ventilated and breathable, keeping the pet’s small world fresh.

· Spacious fence design: the spacious fence design ensures that the dog has enough space for your dog to play, relax, sunbathe, sleep and enjoy the outdoors.

There is plenty of room in the kennel to bring a lot of fun to your puppy.

· Elevated floor style: luxurious structure design, spacious activity area, stylish house shape, providing comfortable and high quality pet dog house for your pet.

The raised bottom is to prevent water or dust from soiling them.

And you don’t have to worry about your pet getting wet.

· Easy to install: high quality screw fittings that allow you to assemble items quickly.

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