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Waterproof Dog Shock Collar

Slopehill Waterproof Dog Shock Collar: 4 modes, voice commands, adjustable strap, secure lock, rechargeable, 15-20 days battery life. Effective training made easy!

Step up your dog training game with the Slopehill Waterproof Dog Shock Collar.

This innovative electric collar offers four training modes: voice recording, shock, vibration, and beep, making it a versatile tool for teaching basic commands and correcting unwanted behavior.

Enjoy a personalized touch with voice commands. Easily record short phrases such as ‘Quiet’ or ‘Stay’ to customize your training sessions, adding a unique element to your interaction with your furry friend.

Prioritize safety with the security keypad lock feature, preventing accidental shocks and giving you full control over the training process.

This thoughtful design ensures a secure and effective training experience.

Designed for versatility, the adjustable collar strap fits dogs of various sizes (10 to 140 lbs), while the waterproof receiver allows for outdoor use without compromising functionality.

The collar is not only adjustable but also durable, providing a comfortable and long-lasting solution for your dog training needs.

Experience convenience with the rechargeable battery feature.

Both the remote and receiver can be charged simultaneously using the included USB cable, ensuring an extended battery life of 15-20 days after just 2 hours of charging.

It’s a reliable and efficient solution for your dog training routine.