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Water Faucet Automatic Fountain for Dogs

Amazon.com Price: $9.49 (as of 01/02/2023 20:42 PST- Details)

Lixit L100 Water Faucet Automatic Fountain for Dogs and Other Pets. (Pack of 1).



The original lixit, fits standard faucet or hose.

For automatic watering outside.

Saves time, worry, work, and frustration.

Provides sanitary water supply.

AUTOMATIC WATERER ADAPTOR – The Lixit L100 turns any hose into a self-watering device for your pet.

It’s durable design, resists rusting and corrosion making it great for outdoor use.

COMPATIBLE WITH STANDARD HOSE AND PIPE SIZE – Screws into a standard half- inch pipe fitting or hose.

Please note these will NOT work on anti siphon faucets.

TONGUE TRIGGERED – Delivers a tongue-triggered supply of fresh water that conserves water when not in use.

EASY TO INSTALL – No tools or other installation needed.

GREAT FOR A VARIETY OF PETS – Ideal for dogs and other larger or medium size pets.

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