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Water Dispenser for Multiple Pets

Amazon.com Price: $48.44 (as of 05/06/2023 12:37 PST- Details)

Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel, Pet Water Fountain 67oz/2L Cat Drinking Fountain, Ultra-Quiet Pump, Water Storage Design, Water Dispenser for Dogs and Multiple Pets.



*【304 Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain】: Compared to plastic pet water fountain, our cat water fountain is made of food grade 304 stainless steel which is hygienic, and can be dishwasher safe.

Jeefome cat water fountain stainless steel so as not to your pet’s jaw from turning black.

Cat water fountain provides a healthier, and very suitable for cats/dogs drinking water.

*【Encourage Drinking of Cat Fountain Water Bowl】: The capacity of cat water fountain is 2L and is equipped with a faucet and spring surge modes, which match habits of drinking water under the tap of cats or dogs.

The dynamic water flow helps attract pets to drink, which can prevent your pet suffering from urinary and kidney diseases.

*【Unique Water Level Design】: Our 2022 Upgraded Cat Water Fountain, you can know clearly when to add water.

Due to technical support, all stainless steel cat water fountain currently on the market cannot see the water level.

Because of the unique design of our cat water fountain, it is very convenient to judge when water needs to be added according to the height of the red buoy.

*【Sleep Quiet & Water Circulation System】– Pet drinking fountain with silent pump technology, keeping working sounds below 30 dB.

Automatic cat water dispenser with activated carbon filter and pre-filter sponge, through the circulating filtration provides your pets with a constant supply of filtered water.

*【Thoughtful Gift to All Pet Owners】– No-slip device on the cat fountain and the water pump bottom, no worries of pets from knocking over the water fountain.

The water pump should be washed every week.

If it is not washed, it will be blocked, which will cause the pump not work.

It is necessary to add water in time, if the water level is low, the pump will not work and ruin.

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