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Washable Pet Mat

Amazon.com Price: $30.99 (as of 06/06/2023 12:39 PST- Details)

BomGaroto Portable Pet Mat – 46.5 x 33 Inch Cat and Dog Mat for Crate Bed, Dog Cage, Fireside or Camping! Waterproof Dog Beds for Medium Dogs and Small Dogs. Large Dog Bed with Storage Carry Bag.



Space to lounge: While other dog beds boast being XL but then disappoint on size, we’re not going to bend the truth and tell you this is an extra large dog bed.

Look, it is big, there’s no question, because The BomGaroto washable dog bed is 46.5 x 33 inches.

Is it big enough for your particularly jumbo canine?

Go ahead and measure up your pet’s sprawl tonight as they crush you while you’re sleeping and see.

Water-beading and dry-base water beads on top of our dog mattress so it’s easy to shake or wipe away.

Some folks call this “waterproof” but that’s false, because when their mats (and ours) get caught in the rain, they get soaked!

But BomGaroto dog and cat mats dry extra fast thanks to our MicroWeave Polyester.


And, our Dry Base means your pet can camp on wet grass without getting a wet tush!

Is it soft enough? We use a 400g/sq meter layer of PP Cotton which is soft and fluffy and provides that gentle “off ground” padding all pets seek.

It’s 1.2 inch and offers the level of comfort you would expect from a portable dog bed.

You can fold it in half for small pets too!

We think it’s comfy, and any cat that has ever curled onto a piece of paper does too, but of course only your pet knows best.

Machine washable: Not only does pet hair and dirt not stick to the cover, but you can throw it in the washer (cold wash) and tumble dry (low heat) if needed.

It saves you time and effort and unlike spot cleaning, will be more hygienic.

Pop it in with your other cold wash items, because the dye is colorfast!

A clean mat is versatile enough to use on the couch, car seat covers or to finally let pets sleep on the bed!

Roll it up, ready to go! When it’s time to head out camping or to the park, just roll up your pet travel bed and pop it in the included storage bag.

And while we can’t say it’s a chew proof dog bed (because some pets are ninja tough), we can say it is chew resistant and won’t be shredded on day one.

Please contact us if you have any issues because we also offer a replacement or refund guarantee.

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