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Micro USB Rechargeable LED Dog Leash

PETI Light Up Dog Leash, Micro USB Rechargeable, 100% Waterproof, Glowing LED Dog Leash, Safety LED Dog Leash, Reflective Dog Leash, Make Your Dog Safer …


Give your dog/puppy the gift of safety.

PETI LED dog leashes provide your dog/puppy with safety in the dark.

And it has the following advantages:

★ Great visibility and safety;

★ Excellent waterproof (100% waterproof), safe even in rain or snow;

★ Length – 47.2″ or 120cm Width – 1″ or 2.5cm Weight – 0.22 kg.

Please make sure you click on the size you want before buying!


Charging and usage time: 1.5 hours charge for 6-8 hours use change lighting.

Change lighting between steady mode, fast blinking and slow blinking with one click.

Leash Color: Red, Green, Blue, Orange From sunset to dawn.

This will save your dog/puppy’s life – in the dark the vehicle will have a good preview of your dog/puppy with this bright leash – always.

100% waterproof – Please don’t worry when your pets into anyway which have water or snow, it can normally work to bring bright to your pets.

Easy and comfortable light change – just one click to change the light between fixed mode, fast flashing or slow flashing.

The easy-to-use metal clip eliminates the hassle of wearing your LED Dog Leash.

USB Rechargeable Battery, Lightweight, Sturdy and Durable Material – USB Rechargeable Battery (with cable) provides 6-8 hours of light per 1.5 hour charge.

No hassle and no extra cost for battery replacement.

Besides, it is well built and sturdy.

Perfect to use with PETI LED dog collars.

You and your dog will be safer and more visible.

Wherever you go, you and your dog will be seen – guarantee!


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