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2 Pack Microchip Implant Kit

Enhance pet safety with HomeAgain XS Microchip Kit. Two Extra Small Microchips, 15 Gauge Injector. Register for ID at $19.99. ISO 11784/11785 compliant.

Enhance your pet’s safety with the HomeAgain XS 2 Pack Microchip Implant Kit, specifically designed for administration by veterinarians.

The kit includes two Extra Small Microchips and a smaller 15 Gauge Injector for precise application.

Ensure the microchip’s effectiveness by registering it with HomeAgain for just $19.99. The 134 KHZ ISO Chip, while not a GPS Locator, is crucially entered into HomeAgain’s extensive database for identification purposes.

Each microchip boasts a unique ID code, providing a reliable means of tracking your pet if lost.

The injection process is both quick and safe, placing the microchip discreetly beneath your pet’s skin.

Complying with standard ISO 11784 and 11785, this microchip kit prioritizes the security and identification of your furry companion.