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TSA Approved Pet Carrier

Amazon.com Price: $69.99 (as of 04/06/2023 12:31 PST- Details)

Smiling Paws Pets – Airline Approved Pet Carrier – For SMALL Pets – Expands On 4 Sides – TSA Approved – Compact and Collapsible – Only 9 Inches Tall – Fits Under ALL Airplane Seats! (17″x11″x9″).



ONLY 9 INCHES TALL: This carrier is designed to fit under any airplane seat.

The carrier is EXTRA SMALL to adhere to even the most strict airline carry-on size requirements.

Please measure your pet before purchasing this carrier.

This pet carrier will not hold large or medium sized dogs.

It is intended for small pets the size of an average housecat.

Recommended pet weight is under 15 lbs.

PACKED WITH FEATURES: This unique extra small pet carrier can be extended on all four sides, creating an unparalleled space of comfort despite being so compact.

The expanding sides allow your pet to move around, which reduces anxiety and discomfort during travel.

The carrier comes with an internal leash, safety self-locking zippers, reinforced rotating metallic clips, soft machine washable pad, superb air circulation & thickly padded shoulder and handle holders.

4-WAY EXPANSION + TOP ENTRY: This unique small pet carrier can be extended on all four sides, creating an unparalleled space of comfort in any situation.

Allow your puppy to move around, reduce anxiety and discomfort during travel.

Great for small pets like cats, puppies, and rabbits.

TSA AIRLINE APPROVED: Designed to comply with TSA and IATA requirements and to fit under airplane seats easily.

Carefully sized to comply with USA and international airlines under seat in-cabin dimensions (max 9” height) for soft-sided pet carriers.

UPGRADED MATERIALS: Every inch of this tote is reinforced – perfect for rambunctious animals!

A-Grade metallic clips, high quality rods, safety self-locking zippers and an internal leash.

In addition, the internal fabric is laminated & leak-proof (just in case).

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