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Tote Front Expandable Bag for Small Puppy

Amazon.com Price: $59.99 (as of 03/12/2023 11:45 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

PETCIOUS Airline Approved Pet Carrier Backpack Under seat, Soft Unique Dog Purse Travel Carriers Backpacks for Hiking Camping Outdoor, Tote Front Expandable Bag for Small Puppy Dogs in Airplane Car.

“Ergonomic Comfort Design” Imagine lying in a closed space where you can’t even raise your head for hours.

Can you imagine how frustrating it would be?

Just like in this example, a small amount of head room can cause a lot of stress on your dog.

PETCIOUS pet carrier backpack is created with an ergonomic comfort design.

We guarantee an 12″ height for head room when unfolded.

We believe creating this head room will lead to stress relief as well as spine and joint protection for both dogs and cat.

“User Interface Design” How many hours can you realistically hold a bag that’s over 17lb, even when holding it by hand?

From the point of view of the user, a back-pack is not an option but a necessity.

4-ways to carry: on your front, as a backpack, with a shoulder strap, and with a handle.

Especially in the case of carrying it on your front, the top mesh can be fixed so that you can rest assured your pet is ok.

Plus, the additional lower cushion supports the abdomen to reduce shoulder fatigue.

“Check Measurement before purchasing” Customer Satisfaction is our top priority.

We want to provide roomy space for your dog and cat to stay comfortable during the trip.

This Product Dimension: 17″L X 11″W X 10.5″H Inches.

So, Our general pet maximum up to 16″LX10″WX13″H. Also, Recommend pets weight is below 15lbs.

This product is suitable for most small dogs and cats (Pomeranian/ Poodle/Maltese/Yorkshire Terriers/Bichon Frise/Chihuahua/Beagle/…)

“Think About Safety First” The three-dimensional reflection line on the backpack prevents accidents caused by cars or other any harm that could happen in the dark of night.

In addition, each zipper has a safety buckle, so it is designed in a way that pets cannot open the bag on their own.

This will safely protect your family and your precious pet while on a a trip.

“AIRLINE APPROVED” PETCIOUS Airline Approved Pet Carrier Backpack under seat designed Plus, “99% Risk-Free Guarantee”.

The PETCIOUS Soft Expandable Sided Travel Carriers Backpacks is backed by our manufacturer’s 30 days, money-back guarantee with an additional 90 days free replacement warranty.

Feel at ease when taking this bag with you when outdoor, traveling in Airplane Car, overnight camping, hiking, or just going to a park.

Try it now!


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