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3 Nipples Self Feeding Milk Bowl for Kittens

Augegel Puppy Feeder for Multiple Puppies, Puppy Nursing Station, 3 Nipples Self Feeding Milk Bowl for Kittens, Puppies, Rabbits 200ML.


【Safer Self Nursing Puppy/Kittens Feeder】Made of food-grade silicone materials, has good high temperature resistance, durable, reusable, safe and non-toxic.

【Free your hands Feeding】It has 3 feeding nozzles that the little ones can suckle milk from that are designed to feel as though they are nursing from a parent.

On top of feeling more natural for the young animals it is also easier on you as a caretaker than having to bottle feed or needle feed.

【Sliding Bowl Cover Design】Compared to the traditional feeder, we use a built-in sliding lid to reduce the risk of spilling.

ABS materials body are easier to clean and have a longer service life.

【Capacity You Concerned】The max capacity for Augegel pet milk feeder is 200ml and Total 4 simulate nipples for milk bowl can be satisfied with 3 pet baby at the same time.

【How can we solve the problem of milk leakage】We designed this silicone pacifier based on the viscosity of most popular milks on the market, so it can be used in most families.

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