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Smart WiFi Pet Camera Feeder

Amazon.com Price: $109.99 (as of 28/05/2023 19:09 PST- Details)

DBNAU Automatic Cat Feeder with 1080P HD Camera, Smart WiFi Pet Feeder with APP Control for 6L Pet Dry Food, Stainless Steel Bowl, 8 Meals Per Day, Voice and Video Calling Pets.


Intelligent Remote Control: remote control by mobile phone app, automatic feeding and manual feeding anytime and anywhere according to demand.

According to the pet’s needs, customize a healthy diet plan for your pet, you can set the number of automatic meals to be fed 1-8 meals per day, 1-20 servings of dry food per meal, and each serving of dry food is 7 grams.

You will also receive alerts via the Smart App feature when food storage is low.

1080P HD Camera: A high-resolution camera that keeps you and your pet close at hand. You can always video with pets.

The camera angle can be adjusted, you can adjust the lens to the feeding tray, observe whether your pet is eating, know the situation of the pet at home alone in real time, shoot video, watch it at any time, capture the cute moment of the pet, and share it with your friends.

Two-way Voice Interaction: Built-in advanced microphone and speaker, when you go out, you can talk to your pet anytime and anywhere, so that your pet is not alone and brings your pet a comfortable feeling.

You can also record a personal voice to play for your pet at each feeding, calling your pet to eat.

Reasonable Structure Design: Reverse stuck food, safe feeding, upgraded hard gear structure, can intelligently reverse when the food is blocked, solve the trouble of stuck food, don’t worry that your pet can’t eat food.

Our feeders are designed to be removable for easy cleaning.

Dual Power Protection: Our smart feeder has dual power supply modes of in-line power and dry battery.

Automatically switch the backup battery in case of unexpected power failure, ultra-low power consumption and energy-saving protection, and each meal will not be delayed for normal food delivery.

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